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Mail Order Form

If you'd like to pay with a check or money order instead of a credit card or PayPal, just fill out this form, print it out, and mail it to me, along with your personal check, cashier's check or money order.  I'll send you an email as soon as I receive it and let you know an exact shipping date.  Shipping is FREE on all but the heaviest items!  When shipping fee is charged, it is exactly what I pay the US Postal Service and it is by Priority Mail, which takes only 2 to 3 days in the USA.

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San Francisco Sourdough Starter
 $ 9.99
Le Parfait Wire Bail Jar ($9.99+$8 shipping)
  Texas residents only, please add 8.25% sales tax  
Linda Wilbourne
10041 Regent Row
Benbrook, TX 76126-3002
email: Linda@SourdoughBreads.wrong
(change .wrong
because of the spammers