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The Perfect Jar for Your Stash in the Fridge


Here's what I use to keep my stash in the fridge.  The reason I like this jar in particular is that I can leave the lid loose while all the critters in the jar are feasting on their meal of flour and water--but it's attached so I don't misplace it.  Then, when everybody has finished dining, cooled down and has settled down for a nice long nap, I can seal it up tightly so that even if it gets knocked over, it won't spill.
More important, really, is that nobody will throw out my starter!  For a very short time, I kept my starter stash in the fridge in one of those 'disposable' leftover containers, until one day it got thrown away by a well-meaning but misguided member of the Fridge Police. I'll NEVER do that again!

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$ 9.99

These glass jars are much better than a porcelain crock, because you can see what's going on inside the jar.  You can tell when you need to give your critters a meal.  Plus, the jars look good, and I like that too.The good news is that this is a high quality glass jar and I can sell it for only $9.99.  The bad news is that it's a high quality glass jar and it weighs a lot so I have to charge for shipping, which I hate to do.  Because Priority Mail costs only a little more than Parcel Post and Priority Mail gets better handling and takes only 2 or 3 days to arrive anywhere in the USA, that's how I ship this jar.  Shipping costs $10. 

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