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San Francisco Sourdough Bread Starter

NEW Totally Simple Activation!!

$11.99 with Free Shipping

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San Francisco Sourdough Starter Highly Active

A crusty, flavorful loaf of San Francisco Sourdough Bread made with Genuine San Francisco Sourdough Starter. You can make that crusty flavorful San Francisco Sourdough Bread in your own kitchen--I promise!  With the San Francisco sourdough starter, my detailed instruction booklet that comes with every order and my free unlimited tech support, you CANNOT fail!  Your family and friends will not believe you baked this beautiful artisan sourdough bread yourself.

San Francisco Sourdough bread is made with wild yeast instead of packaged baker's yeast.  The San Francisco sour dough starter that you will receive is made up of a tiny amount of flour, the live wild yeast organisms, and another live organism called a lactobacillus, which is what creates the sour flavor in your sourdough bread. If you'll follow the detailed instructions in the printed booklet you receive with your sourdough starter, you will not only make your own homemade sourdough bread, you'll have fun doing it. The San Francisco sour dough starter also makes wonderful pancakes and waffles too.  Take a look at the sourdough recipes on the Recipes page. By the way, shipping for the Sourdough Starter to Western Europe, Canada & Australia, and most other places in the world adds only $4--a real deal!.              

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Hate shipping charges??????   I don't want to make any profit on my shipping           
charges. If you hate them like I do, have a look at my  Shipping Charges Policy.  


Straight-Sided Dough Rising Buckets

Alton Brown recommends that you allow your dough to rise in a container with straight sides--otherwise, how will you ever know when it has actually doubled?  It's all a guessing game in a mixing bowl that slopes from very small at the bottom to w-i-d-e at the top.  Just put your dough in one of these handy buckets with a rubber band (or masking tape) marking the top of the dough and there will be absolutely no doubt about when it has doubled. Dough Rising Bucket with Straight Sides Made of  food-grade polyethylene, it is heavy-duty and dishwasher safe.   All this for only $11.99 for the 6-Quart size and $9.99 for the 3.5-Quart. Plus, it comes with a tight-fitting lid, which expands its uses to great refrigerator/freezer storage for just about anything! I use mine when I make homemade soup or chili in a big batch (doesn't take much more time with all the stuff out and the kitchen messy).  And then, when I don't want to cook, I just just nuke it and sit on the deck instead of cooking.  And remember, if you order more than one item, the freight goes way down.

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Reclosable Zip Top Heavy Plastic Bread Loaf Bags

Zip Top Heavy Plastic Bread Bags

These bags are HUGE and very heavy-duty!  You can use them
for storing all kinds of foods in addition to your own yummy homemade
bread in the freezer.

Bags zip closed keeping your homemade bread fresh
Plenty of room for your TWO long French bread loaves.
Package of 13 --a Baker's Dozen
Thick 2 mil plastic bags that measure 12" by 18"
Zipper closure keeps out dirt and moisture.
All virgin polyethylene film meets FDA and USDA requirements.
$7.99 with FREE shipping!!

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Chicago Metallic Double Long Loaf Pan

Chicago Metallic Double French Bread PanShape two long loaves of Italian or French Sourdough in thiswonderful pan. It's lifetime non-stick and the tiny holes allow the heat of your oven to circulate. Any serious breadmaker needs one of these! $24 plus $3.50 Shipping in the USA. 

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Chicago Metallic Triple Baguette Pan

Shape three skinny long baguettesn thiswonderful pan. It's lifetime non-stick and the tiny holes allow the heat of your oven to circulate. Any serious breadmaker needs one of these! $24 plus $3.50 Shipping in the USA. 


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No-Contact Laser Thermometer

This is the best thing I've discovered for the kitchen since, well, you know...  It's great to have handy (although your household partners will do their darndest to steal it from you).  In moments, I can tell exactly what temperature my oven is--not just the air, but the sides and bottom and top--the important parts.  The air escapes every time you open the door, but if the inside parts are hot, the air gets reheated quickly as soon as you close the door.  And we all know that baking temperatures are crucial to anything that goes in the oven to cook.  I love this new toy.  My two boys had been using one of these things for a while, and I thought it might be a handy addition to my kitchen toy box.  They gave me one and now I use it just about every time I cook--it is no longer a toy--it has become an indispensable tool to make cooking and baking easier and better.  Now I don't even need a deep fat thermometer to fry at the correct temp--I just shoot the oil in the pan with this gadget and I know the exact temperature of the oil.  Melting chocolate?  Know the precise temp at any given moment.  Do you know what temp your skillet is when your omelette comes out just perfectly?  You will if you measure the temperature before you put the eggs in.  Then you can have it the same every time.  Cooking is a science...and in science, you always want to be able to repeat your results.  That's why we weigh the flour and take the internal temperature of a loaf of bread!  Well this baby just adds a boatload of precision to your cooking and baking.  Yep, it's not cheap, but I promise you'll not want to cook without it once you've used it a few times.  Money-Back Guarantee!  How's that??

The price is $39.99 and shipping is only $3.

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Professional Meat Tenderizer and Marinade Accelerator

This cool gadget is not just for tenderizing meat. It makes brining and marinating lots faster and much more effective as well.  Lots of people use a giant hypodermic to inject yummy flavors into their turkeys.  This tool lets you do that without the bother of injecting--especially nice when you're just cooking two chicken breasts.  Just poke some holes in your chicken or beef or pork with this handy little multi-tasker--or whatever you want to brine or marinate, and the succulent liquids penetrate the meat way down deep.  Ever wish your Ribeye--or Sirloin--or NY Strip Steak were a little more tender? I only buy Choice steaks, but they still can use a little tenderizing--especially since with this neat tool the texture of the meat is all natural--not like those sprinkle-on 'tenderizers' which just sort of melt the meat. Here's your quick solution. Just poke this cool gadget into your steak a few times...takes only a minute--before you cook it, and you and your guests won't believe how tender it is. I promise it works--money back guarantee! The Price is only $7.99 and USA shipping is $3 if you get it by itself.  If you get other toys along with the Tenderizer, shipping will go way down.

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Space-Saving Spoon RestCounter Space-Saving Spoon Rest

Keep your counters and stove-top clean with this convenient upright spoon rest, which takes up only about one-third of the counter space of a 'regular' spoon rest.  When I saw these, I just had to have two of them--one for each side of my cooktop.  The white ceramic bowl catches and contains all the drips as cooking utensils drain neatly in an upright position.  It's only 4.25 inches in diameter but a full 7 inches high so that all your spoons will fit.  This would make a great gift--for yourself or for someone else who cooks.  It's only $11.99 and USA shipping adds $7 if you get it by itself.  If you order it along with other items, the shipping gets combined and goes way down!  

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Large Dial
Instant-Read Thermometer

Notice how much larger the dial is on this one as compared to the 'regular' size. I Love It! And I was surprised when I compared this 'old fashioned' analog instant-read thermometer with one of those new digital ones.  I'm all about new kitchen tools, but in this case, the digital is in the drawer.  This one reads temps twice as fast as the fancy one that needs a battery.   Go figure!  Anyway, it's nearly impossible to tell when a loaf of sourdough bread is ready to take out of the oven without one of these.  If you already have one, then use it!  A loaf of bread is done when its internal temp is between 200° and 210° F.  This therm is included in all of the breadmaker kits.  By itself,  it's $10 with only $1 shipping.

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Parchment Paper

One of the great inventions for the kitchen in recent times.  Nothing will stick to this stuff!! Don't know why they named it parchment paper--should've been called 'silicone paper' but that's our wonderful English language for you...doesn't always make sense.  The point is that  this is something else you need if you have any inclination toward baking anything--cookies, cakes, pies, bread...  This is a Jumbo roll with 71 square feet of non-stick ease and it's only $6.99.  It doesn't weigh much, so if you get it with other items, it usually won't add much to the shipping.  If you need it by itself, shipping is $4.95 to anywhere in the USA.


An Ultra-Sharp Razor Knife for Making Slashes in Your Risen Loaves of Sourdough Bread

The perfect tool for slashing your beautiful loaves of San Francisco Sourdough Bread. Loaves of unbaked bread that are fully risen are delicate and need a very sharp edge and a gentle hand to slash them without having a 'deflate!'  This little knife, with its snap-off blade sections, is the perfect tool for the job.  If you save it for only cutting bread dough, it will take it a long time to become dull, but when it does, you just snap off the end and voila! a brand new sharp edge.  You'll love this little gadget for other tasks in your home, so maybe you should order two, since the price is right and the shipping is FREE!!  $2.99 with Free Shipping.

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Porcelain Butter Keeper

Attractive and easy to clean...
Butter soft but still fresh at room temperature...
Holds 1/2 full stick of butter!

Keep your butter fresh, soft and sweet without refrigeration in the Porcelain Butter Keeper.  The French have known this wonderful secret  for years.  Now you can always have soft, spreadable butter for your homemade sourdough bread.  And the price is right at only $9.99.

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Pastry Brush

If you cook or bake  or even grill, then you need to have a pastry brush in your kitchen drawer--because it's for much more than pastry.  But you need one especially when you want to make beautiful as well as great-tasting San Francisco Sourdough Bread.  For some reason, bread made with a sourdough starter is notorious for not browning as well as breads made with conventional packaged yeasts, so an egg wash is more necessary with sourdough.  This handy little multi-tasker comes in all of the breadmaker kits.  By itself, it's a mere $3 with $1.50 added for shipping if you don't need anything else.

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Do you have an Oven Thermometer?

If you don't, you probably should have one.  Do you know if your oven's thermostat is accurate?  Even if your it's brand new, your ove's thermostat could be off as much as 50° F. You'll know when this little thermometer goes into your oven.  Then, when you bake, you'll get much more predictable results.  $6.99 plus $1 shipping.



The Incredible Tomato Slicer

I'll bet you've never seen a knife quite like this one--I hadn't.  When my friend gave me mine, he told me that I wouldn't believe how it could slice a tomato, and he was right!  Unlike other types of cutlery, this blade is both hollow ground and serrated on both sides.  This unique combination allows you to be incredibly accurate with a remarkably sharp knife whether you are right or left-handed.

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Breadmaker Basics Tool Kit  $43
Save $6 !!

Having the right tools for the task is essential to every artist or craftsman and baking that crusty San Francisco Sourdough Bread is no exception:  In this baker's tool kit, you'll get the original San Francisco sourdough starter, the detailed instruction booklet and recipes, the Wire-Bail Jar for protecting your stash in the fridge, the crinkly all-cotton tea towel, the ultra-sharp razor knife for slashing your delicate risen dough,the pastry brush, the chrome-topped glass cornmeal shaker for coating your baking sheet or stone, the instant-read thermometer to determine when your wonderful sourdough bread is done, the amazingly efficient bowl scraper to help you clean up and a baker's dozen of the heavy-duty long bread bags.  A $49+ value for only $43 plus $11.50 for shipping.

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Bread Maker Artisan Tool Kit   $85
Save $10

  Everything that's in the Breadmaker Basics ToolKit, the original San Francisco sourdough starter, the detailed instruction booklet and recipes, the Wire-Bail Jar for protecting your stash in the fridge, the crinkly all-cotton tea towel, the ultra-sharp razor knife for slashing your delicate risen dough,the pastry brush, the chrome-topped glass cornmeal shaker for coating your baking sheet or stone, the instant-read thermometer to determine when your wonderful sourdough bread is done, the amazingly efficient bowl scraper to help you clean up and a baker's dozen of the heavy-duty long bread bags  plus you get the Unique handmade Starter Stirrer, the multi-tasking Dough Divider /Scraper Chopper, The Perfect Beaker, the Loud Ring Timer, and the 3.5-Quart Dough Rising Bucket,!  $95+ value in 14 great tools for only $85 plus only $14.50  for shipping in the USA. 

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Expert Baker Tool Kit   $133
Save $13

A $146+ VALUE! Save $13!! With the Expert Baker Tool Kit, you'll get the San Francisco Sourdough Starter, the Wire-Bail Jar, the Ultra-Sharp Razor Knife, the All-Cotton Tea Towel, the Instant-Read Thermometer, the Chrome-Topped Glass Shaker, the handy Bowl Scraper, a Baker's Dozen of the Long, Bread-Shaped Heavy Plastic Bags, the multi-tasking Dough Divider/Scraper, the unique handmade Starter Stirrer, the Perfect Beaker that's beautiful in addition to being efficient, the 3.5-Quart Rising Tub, the Long- Loud-Ring Kitchen Timer, the Rada Stoneware Bread Pan that thinks it's a brick oven, and the Chicago Metallic Professional Double Bread Pan. An awesome assortment of baker's tools--all in one neat package. Shipping in the USA adds only $18.


Order an Expert Baker Tool Kit Now

The Master Baker Tool Kit   $199
$17 savings!

A $216+ VALUE! Save $17!! With the Master Baker Tool Kit, you'll get the basics plus all the bells and whistles--the San Francisco Sourdough Starter, Jar, Razor Knife, Tea Towel, Thermometer, Shaker, Bowl Scraper, Heavy Plastic Bags, Dough Scraper, Starter Stirrer, the Perfect Beaker, 3.5-Quart Dough Rising Tub, the Long, Loud-Ring Kitchen Time, the Rada Stoneware Bread Pan and the Chicago Metallic Professional Double French Bread Pan, the fabulous Bread Knife, the White Porcelain Butter Keeper, the White Baker's Bib Apron, and the Banneton Old World Dough Rising Basket. An awesome assortment of baker's tools--something any baker would love. USA shipping adds only $18.

Order a Master Baker Tool Kit


Hate shipping charges??????
I don't want to make any profit on my shipping charges.

Shipping Charges Policy




An Old-Fashioned Tea Towel
for Covering Your Rising Dough

An all-cotton towel that's perfect for covering your rising loaves of San Francisco Sourdough Bread.An all-cotton towel is much more efficient for covering rising dough than plastic wrap--it won't stick to the dough and it's so much easier to put on and take off than that blasted plastic wrap that gets wrinkled or sticks to itself. And that's not even mentioning that cotton recycles itself in the washing machine--no plastic to throw away--or the fact that that's what my Grandma Nana used to cover her rising loaves of homemade light bread.   $2.99 with free USA shipping.

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Dough Divider, Scraper & Chopper

If you cook, you need this tool...but even more so if you bake bread.  You will find yourself using it constantly for dividing your dough, lifting sticky dough from the counter, and cleaning up the flour that's left.  Truly a multi-tasking tool, (I'm sure Alton would approve!) I can't function with just one--I have three of them out in plain sight next to my chopping block.  When you chop onions, just scoop them up with this handy blade and put them exactly where you want them.  The blade is not sharp like a knife, but it is tapered and made of stainless steel, so I use it to chop all sorts of things instead of getting out a knife to do the little jobs.  Easy to clean in the dishwasher.  And of course, the price is right at $8.99 with only $3 for shipping.  Buy it in one of the BreadMaker's Kits and you'll pay even less!

  Order One Now

  I now have a Facebook Page where Reviews and Discussions can be posted.  If you're already baking with the San Francisco Sourdough Starter, I hope you'll go there and post a review.  If you haven't decided to buy yet, I hope you'll go there and read the reviews.

Digital Kitchen Scale

11 pound capacity

Ideal for measuring ingredients--especially flour, which is ONLY measured accurately by weight.. Easily accessible zero adjustment for consistent accuracy. Measures pounds, kilograms, grams and ounces. 2 AAA batteries included. $24.99 with only $3.50 3-5-day shipping

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Heavy Plastic Bags that Actually Fit!!

Long Bread Bags
Baker's Dozen for $6.99
with FREE shipping

*  18 inches long  *  8 inches wide  *  4 inche deep gusset* 
*2 mils thick  *  Plasticized wire ties included  *   Gusset makes bags extra roomy   *  Perfect  for your long loaves of bread--holds two or three long loaves *

Heavy Plastic Bread Bags

I love these bread bags...finally a nice heavy plastic bag that will hold two or three long baguettes . I couldn't give my long baguettes as gifts because I didn't have anything nice to package them in—now I do! And USA shipping is FREE!

Order Some Now


Rectangular Baking Stone
Baking Stone that is  Resistant to Breakage

If you bake any kind of bread--or even if you just bake frozen pizzas--you will love having a baking stone in your oven. You don't need to bake directly on the stone to get fabulous results because this preheated stone will hold enough heat to transfer to your baking sheet for crisper crusts and more even baking. This Baking Stone is different--it isn't brittle and fragile like the others you'll find. It's reinforced with a patented blend of kiln-fired raw materials to give it strength and resistance to breakage. Leave your baking stone in the oven all the time to help your oven maintain consistent temperatures no matter what you're baking. And it requires very little maintenance--just scraping up big spills. This baking stone is available in three sizes:13 7/8 inches by 17 1/2 inches, 15 by 20 inches and 18 by 24 inches. Be sure to measure your oven shelf carefully before you order.  You'll need a one-inch margin on all sides of the baking stone so that the heat of the oven can circulate.

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Nonstick Loaf Pan--Commercial Grade 9"x 5"

This professional-quality heavyweight loaf pan heats evenly for uniform baking and browning of your homemade sourdough bread.  And your loaf will come out easily because of the nonstick coating.  This pan makes for easy shaping and for slicing uniform slices.  It's not anything like your ordinary big-box store loaf pan.  A must for every breadmaker!  And it's only $9.99.

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Danish Dough Whisk

Made in Poland--go figure. It's perfect for those mixing jobs where the stuff you're trying to blend is just too stiff for a wire whisk and you need more flexibility than a spoon will give. Stirs anything---thin or thick, doesn't matter--so much better than ordinary spoons or wire whisks. Save the whisks for when you need to add air and volume to what you're beating. Intricate circles of stainless steel wire make this tool able to stir thin liquids better without splashing and strong enough to mix thick batters more thoroughly. And clean up is a breeze because everything rinses off easily--nothing sticks like it does on a wooden spoon or wire whisk, where things get caught up inside.The price is right at only $9.99 with FREE shipping.

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    Funnel Cup

$4.99!  What a deal...

This wonderful new kitchen tool (toy to me) is a brilliant invention!  I wish I could give the one who thought of it a big hug.  It pours so precisely--with NO drips--you won't believe it.  It has a measuring capacity of 3 1/2 cups and is marked in quarters of cups, ounces, and milliliters. Perfect for so many little jobs that are a pain with a regular measuring cup that, unless you do it reallllly slowwwwly, you drip all over the counter.  This baby is no drip!  You're gonna love it!USA shipping is only $3 if you order it by itself--much less if you order it with other items.

                         Tell Me More

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Banneton Round Bread Dough Rising BasketThe Bread Rising Basket

Sometimes called a Banneton (pronounced BANN-tahn), these natural cane hand woven rising baskets help shape your loaf of sourdough bread in its final proofing.   As the dough rises in the Rising Basket, the basket's coils and flour dusting provide a beautiful shape and decor for a traditional hearth bread.  The 9" basket holds a one-pound loaf and it's $13.99.  Fortunately it doesn't weigh much, so 3-5 day shipping adds only $3.50.

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Oblong Banneton Bread Rising Basket

Banneton Oblong Bread Dough Rising BasketAs you may know (or not) sourdough breads tend to rise out (spread) rather than up because of the acidity of the dough, which weakens gluten.  San Francisco Sourdough Bread is also on the heavy side, which also makes it spread.  So, a form to encourage your loaf to be the shape you want is a big help.  This basket is 13.5 inches' long 6 incheswide and about 3 inchestall and holds dough weighing about 1.5 lbs.  The price is $14.99 and 3-5-day shipping adds only $3.50.

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Slim Baguette Bread Rising BasketBanneton Rising Basket Baguette

Here's a different one that is more narrow and longer--it's 15 inches long and 3.25 inches wide--those are inside dimensions.  You'll have a baguette shaped loaf when you lay your dough to rise in this basket for its final rise.  And the price is right--$11.99 with only $3.50 added for 3 to 5-day shipping.

Order One Now     Tell Me More

Wire-Bail Glass Jar Made in Italy

This Bormioli-Rocco clear glass jar with its hermetic wire-bail closure is the perfect container for protecting your sourdough starter stash in the fridge.  You'll be able to glance at it and know that you remembered to leave the lid loose until your yeasties are fast asleep and since it's clear, you'll be able to check on your babies easily. It won't spill and it's much less likely that some helpful person will throw it out because it looks and smells funny.  Plus, it's a great-looking jar!  The good news is, it's a top-quality jar that was made by the famous glass people in Italy.  The bad news is, it's a top-quality jar and it's heavy, so shipping costs $10 if you order it by itself.  If you want some other things while you're in the store, however, have a look at the Make Your Own Kit page which shows you how to get the things you want without paying an arm and a leg for shipping.       

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The Unique Bamboo Starter Stirrer!

A unique Starter Stirrer designed specifically for mixing San Francisco Sourdough Starter.San Francisco Sourdough Bread Starter is viscous and sticky and it's sometimes hard to mix. This stirrer that my husband invented is sort of a cross between a whisk and a spoon and it works great for mixing all kinds of things...sticky starter included!. You've probably not seen a stirrer like this one and you're gonna love it because it's useful and beautiful too! You'll get one of these in most of the kits, but you can order one for only $9.99 with only $2 added for USAshipping!

 Tell Me More    Order one now!

The Perfect Beaker

You've seen Alton Brown use it on his TV show, and you know how picky he is about his kitchen tools.  The Perfect Beaker is addictive! I've been using it in my kitchen for several years and it's always my first choice out of the cabinet . Made from high impact polymer that's shatterproof and resistant to breaking, the Perfect Beaker is top rack dishwasher safe and a bargain at only $9.99 plus $4.75 shipping.

Tell Me More    

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Make Your Own Breadmaker Tool Kit

Have it Your way!

If none of the Breadmaker's ToolKits I've put together gives you what you want, then you can put together your own custom kit and get exactly the tools you need and not pay for the ones you already have in your kitchen.  Just go to the Make Your Own Toolkit Page and you'll find out how to get what you want, without paying for anything you don't want--especially extra freight charges. And always, if you have questions, just email me, and you'll get an answer--a promise I keep!


Baker's Bib Apron--to Keep Flour in its Place

When you're baking and dealing with acres of flour, you need a WHITE chef's apron...And here's a great one!Its waist ties are long enough to wrap around and tie in front and it does its job of keeping the flour off the front of your clothes very well.   Just throw it in the washer and dryer and it's ready for the next time.  It's light--won't weigh you down--and resists stains nicely.  You'll love wearing this apron!  Only $6.99 plus $1 shipping in the USA.

Order One Now



Chrome-Topped Glass Shaker

I must have half a dozen of these handy shakers in my kitchen cabinet--I keep them full of flour, powdered sugar, cornmeal, grated Parmesan, kosher salt, freshly ground (in an extra coffee grinder) black pepper, red pepper flakes or whatever. They make it easy to shake a little of what you need in a controlled area. They're glass, not plastic, so they're pretty enough for the table too.  And the price is reasonable at $2.99.  One of these comes in every kit, but if you want it by itself, shipping is just $2.50.

Order Some Now



Long-Handled Stirrers for Gas Cooktops

When I got my wonderful gas cooktop about three years ago, I was amazed and dismayed that whenever I needed to stir a dish for more than a moment, the heat from the burner, even on low, was so hot on my wrists and forearms that I couldn't stand it.  I soon asked husband Walt to make me some stirrers with extra long handles so that I could enjoy stirring my custard and cooking my stir-fries without pain.  We did some experimenting and decided that about 20 inches was a good length and that a dark hardwood (more expensive but not porous) would be the best material to use. $25 for the pair plus $3.50 shipping. If you want only one, that's fine--it's $14--with $3.50 shipping.

Order One Now!

Handy Bowl Scraper

If you've baked with sourdough, you know how sticky and clingy it is--much, much more so than any other kind of dough.  It's stiff and thin enough to scrape a bowl far better than any spatula--and it's flexible enough to curve to the shape of the bowl.  It won't replace your spatulas--but this is one tool you're going to thank me for--I just know it. This handy little tool is also a multi-tasker.  I use it all the time to 'scrape' up onions or peppers that I've chopped--just like its cousin, the metal Bench Knife/Dough Divider/Scraper.  Plus, you'll probably like the price too.  Can't get much that's really useful and doesn't wear out these days for $1.99, but that's all you'll pay--and in the USA, you get free shipping to boot.  What a deal!   

Order One Now

Stoneware Bread Pan

Stoneware Bread Loaf Pan that Thinks It's a Brick Oven

Made of unglazed stoneware, this pan is like the ovens used by professional bakeries to provide an even baking temperature and a perfect crust for your wonderful homemade San Francisco Sourdough Bread. It measures 5- 1/2 by 9 inches on the inside and holds 7 cups.   It's dishwasher safe so you can use it for baking meatloaf, casseroles, cakes and quick breads as well as your own San Francisco Sourdough Bread. The price is $29 and shipping will add $10 if you order just the pan, because it weighs a lot.  If you get it in one of the Breadmaker Tool Kits or with other breadmaking toys, though, you'll save a lot on the shipping.     

Tell Me More           Order one now!   


The Fabulous Bread Knife

San Francisco Sourdough Bread is  so crusty you need a special bread knife to slice through the thick crust without damaging that wonderful crumb. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get it! Only $11 plus $2 for shipping in the USA.

         San Francisco Sourdough Bread is so crusty you need a special bread knife to slice through the thick crust

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If you hate shipping charges
like I
do, have a look at my

Shipping Charges Policy


A personal note to you about shipping: 
I hate shipping charges--as a seller and as a buyer.  If you don't want all the items in one of these kits that I've put together and you want to make your own custom Breadmaker Kit, you can do it without paying any extra freight—here's my promise to you--my valuable customer.  If you order several items and it costs me less than you paid to ship your stuff , I'll send a refund to your credit card or your PayPal account for the excess. For example, it will cost me $9.50 to ship one jar, but if I ship two of them to the same address, I can put them in a larger, Flat Rate box, and it will only cost $9.50 for both--voila' a $9.50 refund! (I don't do refunds for less than $1...I'm sure you understand.  : >)


  You can buy your San Francisco Sourdough Starter with your Visa Card here at
You can buy your San Francisco Sourdough Starter with your PayPal account here at
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