Spanking Paddles Handmade of Domestic and Exotic Woods...

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The Bamboo Spanking Paddles

Here's what Miss K said about the custom Bamboo Paddle Walt made for her master.  "Hello.... I celebrated the New Year on my knees becoming acquainted with the bamboo paddle that you created for my Master, J. He has a number of your creations... each one of them with their own personality.... and had introduced me to most of them.... and they have all left their marks on me and created a distinct impression. None of them however have the ability to create the intense lasting pain that the bamboo paddle does. Master has named it, Burn-e, which is very very accurate... over 36 hours have pased since I was struck with Burn-e.... however the places on my ass cheeks where I was struck are not only bruised and red... they are still noticeably warmer than the surrounding tissue.... I have been struck with many toys in my years as a slave.... the sensation Burn-e creates is like no other... thank you so much for the gift of pain this paddle allows Master to share with me.  K"

Guess that pretty much describes the effects of the Bamboo Paddle.  Bamboo lumber of the size to make paddles is still rather hard to come by and way too pricey, but it's a great material for paddles, so if you can stretch your budget, you and your partner deserve one of these. 

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