Spanking Paddles Handmade of Domestic and Exotic Woods...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the property differences in the Bamboo Wood and some of the other you offer such as the Hickory, Ash, Walnut, Mahogany, ect. Harder, more dense, heavier, tighter grained, ect.

Bamboo is very hard—harder, actually than Hickory, Ash Walnut and Mahogany…and pretty close to as hard as Purpleheart, Bubinga and Monterillo. The major difference is that with wood from trees, the harder it is, the heavier it is. Bamboo is very light compared to its wood cousins of the same hardness.

What significance does that have on the felt impact?

Generally speaking, the harder the wood, the sharper the sting. But when a paddle gets very heavy, it’s more difficult for the spanker to swing it as fast, so it slows down a little and has more thud.

In many of the reviews the customers talk about the incredible sting of the Bamboo Wood compared to the others. Why is that?

Because it’s so hard and yet so very light.

They also talk about how long the after effects last with the Bamboo Wood. Why is that?

I don’t know the answer to that one.

One also spoke of the bruising from it. How true is that?

I don’t know. Some people tend to bruise more than others. Plus, so much depends on the hand that holds the paddle, how many times there is impact in one spot….I could go on and on with variables. Suffice it to say that lots depends on the spanker and the spankee.

Can I order one of your paddles with some modifications, like can you make it a couple of inches longer?

Yes, I'll be glad to make any modifications.  I want you to have what you want.

Will you do custom shapes?

Yes, if you can describe what you want, I can make it.

Do you do engraving on the wood?

Yes, we have a local craftsman who does a superb job.