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The Hickory Sweet Spot Booty Warmer

Ever hear of a 'Hickory Stick'?  Surely those schoolmasters of old knew what they were doing when they used one on the backsides of rebellious kids.  Hickory has a tight, hard grain that is well-suited to the task of providing a good 'ouch' when applied expertly.  One of the great things about the sweet spot booty warmer is that its proportions and size make it just about perfect for covering that sweet spot and delivering just the right amount of zing. 

Measuring 13.5" long overall, the Hickory Sweet Spot is about 3.5" at its widest point.  The handle is 7" long, making the stinger part 6 .5".

This is a lovely toy--small and innocent looking until it goes into action, but definitely earning a real respect once it has had a chance to apply its 'bite.'  You need this beautiful and unique implement for your toy box.

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