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Oak Little Zinger Spanking Paddle

This tiny toy has been really popular, so I decided to make one of solid oak and put a light finish on it. The warmth of oak is legion and I think this one will warm your heart--as well as do a great job at what it was designed for--warming a willing bottom.
Oak Little Zinger Spanking PaddleThe old adage that good things come in small packages could not be more true here. The small size of this paddle makes it really sting-y and the leverage you get with the nine-inch long handle gives even more power concentrated in a small area.  The small size also is great for putting (or having) the burn in the exact spot you want it. 

The paddle end is two and a half inches wide by 5.5 inches long and the handle is 10.5 inches—designed to be in perfect proportion for otk action. Overall length is 16 inches and it's tapered--1/2 inch thick at the handle for a great feel in the hand down to only 3/8 inch thick at the end for a good solid burn--and plenty strong for the job.

Weighing only three ounces, this baby doesn’t need any holes to move fast—it really packs some heat!

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