Spanking Paddles Handmade of Domestic and Exotic Woods...

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The Padauk  Spanking Paddle

Here's a new wood that we hadn't seen before--and the color is orange--much more orange than I was able to capture with my camera. 

Padauk is a very hard wood from Africa and is guaranteed to leave a rose-colored glow on all corrected cheeks.  The good news is that, although it's one of the unique and really beautiful woods that Walt uses to make his paddles, it's not at the top of the price ladder.

This beautiful wood takes a beautiful finish and feels like silk when the multiple coats of clear lacquer have dried.  As always, no stain is used.

You can order the Padauk Spanking paddle in the 16-inch size or in the Smacker size.  If you'd like holes, just add one set of eight holes to your shopping cart before you check out.