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Walt and Linda,

I wanted to say thank you for making my first purchase of an implement perfect. It is rare to find any business now that actually knows how to do customer service. You do it better than any company I have done business with, period. I appreciate the time you spent helping me find the right paddles. I was worried because all 6 were a gift for someone special to me. I didn't open them for that reason but I trusted that would impress based on your service and reviews and wow did they. We both looked at them for a minute and came to the same conclusion--they are beautiful. I actually forgot I was looking at a paddle--it looks more like art. Walt is a master of what he does. I lightly tapped them against my hand which turned red almost immediately. I haven't had the pleasure of receiving them yet but I am so excited. I am thrilled to have found you and see more orders ahead. Oh, and how you can get the order and ship so quickly is amazing--two days for delivery and I ordered on a holiday amazing.

thank you so much


Hello Walt,

Your craftsmanship is nothing short of fantastic. I have a number of your paddles including your Hickory Hairbrush which is wonderful. Is it possible to get the hairbrush paddle in Padauk and/or Bubinga?


Thank you very much Linda and Walt, for Walt's amazing refinishing job on the Yale paddle. It arrived yesterday, and it is spectacular. I appreciate Walt's unparalleled skill and perfectionism. I sent payment by online bill pay, so you should be getting a paper check within the next few days.

Linda, The Hickory Smacker Paddle arrived and has already been put into service
with excellent results.

Extend my compliments to Walt.



I just received my paddle and it is beautiful. Please tell Walt he is an exceptional artist. I can't wait to put it to use.


Got the paddle over the weekend and loved it. Walt did a WONDERFUL JOB!!! :) And thank you too Linda for putting the order together and being SO HELPFUL :)

Thanks! The sweet spot is a great tool & seems to pack serious no-non sense sting.

Linda, Thank you so much for the update and offer to change the order. I think I really want those two though so I am happy to wait.

Incidentally I ordered the purple passion paddle from you not long ago and absolutely adore it. It is beautiful and produces a delightful burning sensation that I can't get enough of. If you could thank Walt for me as well, I would appreciate it. Thank you again, Sarah

Your paddles are so fantastic - I had to order 2 more for a friend of mine (who will reimburse me).
This is not the last time I will order from you & Walt! Keep up the amazing service!
Last time your paddles arrived in Sydney, Australia in record speed!!
Thank you so much for your lovely service last time Linda. Can't wait to receive these paddles!
Cheers, M

Hello there,
I've been meaning to let you know the paddle was received and I'm very pleased. Thank you. I'm going to be contacting you again shortly about a custom order. I just need to take some measurements and photos. You'll hear from me soon. Thanks again.

Just wanted to let you know I received the paddle in the mail yesterday and it's perfect! The hole in the handle and leather loop is exactly what I wanted and once again the paddle is beautiful and far exceeded my expectations, it's going to look great on the wall!  Thanks again.

Got the paddle over the weekend and loved it. Walt did a WONDERFUL JOB!!! :) And thank you too Linda for putting the order together and being SO HELPFUL :)

OMG Linda and Walt, WOW. As soon as I picked it up, I knew I was in a world of hurt. I think we found it. If all goes well, I will be ordering another one soon as a back up. I don't like being without. Again, thank you both so much, you've made me a very happy camper.

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for your great communication and fast shipping! The quality of products and superb customer service keeps me coming back :)  Randall


I received the paddle today and it was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for all your help. I truly appreciate the level of service you provided and will be sure to refer more business your way! :-)

Sincerely, Greg

Thank you very much, Linda and Walt, for the beautiful refinishing job on the vintage college paddles. Walt did a spectacular job on all three. The Yale paddle in particular is just stunning. I was amazed to see the other two with the beautiful design, without all of the unwanted graphics. Walt was truly a magician to erase the unwanted graphics and leave the beautiful designs untouched, both so beautifully finished like new. It's a total mystery to me how Walt did it! He is truly a master.

I can't thank you enough for the beautiful refinishing job. I appreciate your kindness and Walt's incredible skills and dedication to perfection.

Much appreciation,


I recently received a lovely ash paddle from as a birthday present, and I wanted to thank you for its fine craftsmanship and quality. My partner is particularly fond of using it on me, and has dubbed it “Ms. Ash” and his new favorite toy. It looks like this might be the first toy he doesn’t eventually break on me??

Thank you!



I received my black walnut hairbrush paddle mid day yesterday. Beautiful product to say the least. Your customer service is unmatched as well. Quickest delivery I've ever received. Walt is clearly a master of his trade, and I will not seek future paddles anywhere else. I have yet to be blistered with it, but I have very little doubt as to its performance. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!!

Feel free to put this review on your website (name and info removed of course :)) thanks again, seriously.


Hello Linda,
The paddle arrived today and it looks great :) Thank you for the amazing customer service.

Hi Linda, We love our new bamboo smacker with holes. It has lots of sting. We want to buy another paddle, this one heavier with lots of thud.

When I went out to my mailbox today, I was pleasantly surprised by the package containing the Little Zinger. Perhaps because of the weighted end and long handle, it reminds me of a bath brush, something I still remember from years past. With a nice snap of the wrist, I'm sure I'll have many pleasant (?) and memorable sessions with it.

Thanks again for offering such a wide variety of fun products!

I love it! It's just beautiful.

I just got it in the mail and immediately used it for a spanking session. My experienced spankee felt the power of the purple passion paddle. It paid for itself the hour I received it.
Sincerely satisfied customer and spankees,
Ms. E. R.

Hi Linda. I wanted to give you feedback now that I have had and used the paddle for a while. This is a performer. The density of the wood (Hickory) is ideal for a good firm swat. It only takes a few swats for the butt to turn red. Someone observed even in the bent over position the cheeks jump on contact. Like you had told me the 3/4 inch thick paddle has umph. I really recommend the type of wood Walt used. The swat really goes deep. Out of all my paddles this one really packs power in that swat. Only 10 swats really has a butt paddled. I absolutely love this and wanted to let you know.

Thanks, David -llllll ()(). Let the paddles fly.

Several weeks ago I ordered the black beauty. We are extremely happy with it. I have four different paddles including the black beauty. Walt's workmanship really shows when you put them all side by side. He makes the best stuff in my opinion. He charges more for his stuff, but the price paid is returned in the value of his workmanship. He's earned my business going forward.  Thank you  Jason


The ash smacker with holes is good, but wow, the Purpleheart ruler and the Stinger Sweet Spot are awesome!  Thanks for the great service. They both arrived within two days of ordering. I am very happy with the quality and they work very well.

Hi Linda,
Today my paddle arrived and I'm over the moon.Very good quality and glad it arrived safely in the bubble wrap. Thanks again.Em

Thanks Linda. I have been extremely impressed by both the quality of your product and your customer service! I'd order most of your inventory if I could. :)

Received my paddle, it's beautiful!! Thank you!!

I have some ideas bouncing around in my head for a custom job or two.
When they start to solidify, I'm sure I'll be contacting you.


Thank you for touching base. I actually intended to e-mail later today to say how impressed we were with the time you took to make sure we selected the right product to the speed with which we received our order. The workmanship was outstanding and exceeded our expectations. Thank you again!

I am just ecstatic with your shipment. From the pictures you had sent I knew the paddles would be beautiful. I have to say that never in my life have I received an item that so exceeded my expectations, which were sky high to begin with. I cannot thank you and Walt enough for making these unbelievably high quality pieces of wood art available to us.

I will comment on each paddle. The Bubinga Little Zinger was the closest to what I had expected, based upon your pictures, but the colors and hues in the wood grains are MUCH better than the pics. One must see these paddles with the naked eye, in good natural light to really see and appreciate everything that is there. Just unbelievable!

The Mesquite Mr. Dude ended up being lighter in color than I had expected, but it is all good. The knot on one side, the swirls of the grain, the variegating hues of color make this an exquisite, art-museum quality piece of wood, and workmanship. Kudos to Walt for bringing out the natural beauty of a stunning, world-class slice of Mesquite.

I still cannot believe my eyes when I look at the Purpleheart Sweet Spot. I believe this is the most gorgeous, mysterious piece of wood I have ever laid eyes on. The richness of the color and seemingly endless varieties in the grain are like nothing else. But there is something else. There are multi-levels of sheen in the lustre of the wood grains that shift depending upon the strength and direction of the light. This quality makes the paddle dance endlessly with new bursts of color and texture. I have never seen a piece of wood so alive with beauty as this one. I am in shock.

Now a word about a common characteristic of all three: they are rock hard, and solid! While their beauty is unparalleled in my mind, their utility and longevity as paddles scare me to death. For good reason!

Yep, she tried them out. Just as soon as she unwrapped them. Your paddles are deadly, decisively effective. In her hands they are instant agony and ecstasy in one fell swoop. They work as good as they look. That is saying something!

My wife loves the wood as much as I do. I already fear the effectiveness of these paddles as much as I love their beauty. She will enjoy seeing and handling them as much as using them.

Bottom Line: on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my customer satisfaction and sense of value in my purchase at 1000.

kudos, thanks, and my deepest appreciation to both of you.

HI Linda:

Thanks for the prompt service...We love our paddles and are looking forward to receiving the Purple Heart little stinger..We lost our other stinger in a hotel in Seattle…..we were in a hurry and somehow forgot the paddle--now that is a serious offense.. so that is why we are ordering a new one.. S. loves the small head for accuracy and the long handle for leverage...Delivers a great sting.. Warm regards, E.

Wow! Those testimonials you have on your website do not do justice to Walt's ability. That paddle is beautiful! Nice wood grain, and nice balance when holding it! Thanks again!

Omg. It came in yesterday didn’t check mail till today. Man it came out nice. Downright beutyfull. Blown away. Nailed what i wanted grumpy no more, john

Hey Linda, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know we love the paddle. The engraving is plenty deep enough, and the paddle is well done. The wife loved it when I surprised her with it. Thanks Kyle

Dear Linda

This is from Anne with whom you exchanged several very helpful emails in late July and early August, and for whom Walt made a 3/8" Hickory Hairbrush Paddle with extra rounding ....."using a different rounding bit to round the edges so that there won't be any flat surfaces on the edges." As I emailed you on Aug.18, we found it to be precisely what we were looking for and perfect in all regards, and we would now like a Hickory Spanking Paddle made exactly like it (3/8" thick with extra rounding)! With all your beautiful and exotic imported and domestic woods, this may seem a bit unadventuresome, but right now what we are looking for is exactly the same qualities, but in what is politely referred to as a "full ass" paddle. I am placing the order as instructed on your site.

Thank you and Walt once again for your excellent service and beautiful work.

Best regards


Hi Linda,, the package got here so quickly! You all have the best service. Thanks again.


Hello Linda,
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I love the paddle! It is awesome force to wield and behold. I barely have to swing it for it to leave quite the impression. I am proud to say I own Walt’s biggest paddle to date J. I had a scene with a sub and asked to write this review for you.  "The buildup you brought me to last night to experience your new paddle still resonates with me today. Like the quote states, the strength of the hit was stiff and hard and I loved how it caressed my ass and sent heat through my whole body. That wonderful heat is still with me today! Thank you for last night and I look forward to feeling your paddle again. Best, Sheila"

" There are some woods that are stronger than hickory and some that are harder, but the strength, toughness, hardness, and stiffness found in hickory wood is not found in any other commercial wood."
U.S. Forest Service pamphlet

Thanks again for your great service Linda!

The repaired paddle is *flawless!* Walt did a great job on it, and I much prefer to have it back than to have a copy made. The hickory spanker with holes was great, absolutely great. It was the way I preferred (of the two web pictures). Potent though it is, I and several others at yesterday's spanking party can tell you that the Brute that we got from you hurts the most, though. It was one of your thicker ones. But all were a hit (in many different meanings of the word) last night.

Thank you both again for your extra effort!



Thank you so much for the Hickory Hairbrush Paddle, which Walt made for us with extra rounding and in a 3/8" thickness. We think it is absolutely perfect in all regards! It is precisely what he and I have been looking for. There is nothing that takes the place of a well-conceived and finely turned out wooden paddle, and we are already considering which of your beautiful pieces to ask for next. Thank you both once again for making it be so exactly right for us.
Best regards


Dear Linda,

Oooo. Purdy! The Black Walnut SS just might not see any use, it's sooo gorgeous!

All the best,
Doc M


Christy informed me that both paddles arrived safe and sound yesterday, WELL in time for use this Saturday. Thank you for really rushing this along.

She is particularly impressed with the new hickory one with holes, calling it like "the Brute, but with holes." Her Brute from you, which is thicker than the Brute that I bought from you, is truly the Most Painful Paddle I have ever experienced. I suspect the new hickory spanker will be at least as bad. Anyway, she is itching to try them out!

Thanks again!


Dear Linda,
I love the paddles that I have bought from you. Paddles by Walt has not only the best quality paddles but the best customer service as well.
Thank - you,
Miss Sharron

Fire Starter—A Padauk Paddle that is 24 inches long—12-inch blade and 12-inch handle…about ½ inch thick:
Not a paddle to warm up with. From the very beginning it has your attention (make sure you have something to hold on to). It brings heat (plenty of heat),sting, and thud. On a scale of 1-10 for intensity i would rate it an 8.5. Didn't take long at all to create a nice shade of red and some light bruising.

The name fire starter is not misleading it does start a fire. From the very beginning it brings on the heat. The next day, still feeling it. The other side of the paddle is engraved with proverbs 15:32 (If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.)i am glad i did not have the opportunity to meet that side. If one was getting disciplined with this paddle, i believe they would remember the lesson.

We received our paddle on Monday and my wife has put it to good use. It's perfect. We'll definitely think of you when we order another paddle.

Once again, thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future. R & W

It arrived and looks great! They'll be some glowing cheeks on our anniversary :0) Chris

I got it and I'm in love. It's perfect. You and Walt did a great job. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you again, I really appreciate it.  Henry

My paddle arrived very quickly, it is very beautiful, and it gets the job done! I will definitely be doing more business with you folks. Thank you again for the excellent service and product. Sincerely, Omar.

Dearest Linda + Walt,

I received the paddle on Friday and I am truly impressed. The quality of this piece is unmatched by any other item I have purchased in the past. The wood chosen is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much for your help in deciding which item would be the best fit for me. I am very pleased with the time in which the package arrived. It has allowed me to practice and get comfortable with the weight. Once again, thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future.

Mistress J

"In addition to being the providers of excellent products, Linda & Walt provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, that I have ever experienced and believe it is impossible to surpass. My order, for a black walnut hairbrush, ash smacker, and oak paddle was delivered to a wrong address, and never seen again. Without a moment of hesitation, a complete new order was sent again, this time safely to my address, at no charge! As I previously mentioned to Linda, if their customer satisfaction policy and product quality had been the norm for all American manufacturers we probably would not have gotten into such a financial mess and reliance on foreign imports".----Carl

Hi Linda: Is it possible to have it made of Mesquite?? If not, it is not a problem..this is the second paddle we have ordered and will order more as we plan on having a collection..the quality is super...Thanks, Ed

Hi Linda

Thank you (and Walt) for making especial efforts to get the new paddle to me on time. I do recognize and appreciate this. (He got the Black Walnut Sweet Spot with Holes.)

I visited my friend this weekend. She is a very caring, kind and insightful person. She loved the paddle, always appreciating new implements. The paddle will now form a centre of much needed discipline on my part!

Kind regards, Malcolm

The two Cracker Barrel paddles arrived today! They are *beautiful!* The outline of shape is much smoother and more symmetric than my drawing, the thickness and size is perfect, and the finish is wonderful. The weights are perfect.

Of course, spanko that I am, I had them out of the box in no more than 60 sec and I had to drop my pants and give myself a few experimental whacks! Three (two on one side, one on the other) with the light bamboo was all I could endure, then I immediately tried the bubinga. One firm smack with that sent me through the roof... that is HEAVY! Wow!

I suspect that my favorite spanker will regress me from a middle-aged man to a bawling boy in nothing flat with those.

Thank you both!

Hi Linda:

We received our bamboo paddle. Thank you for the prompt delivery. The wood and craftsmanship are magnificent. Walt is an artist. It is a beautiful addition to our collection. We love it. David describes the impact as being both "dense and intense".

Thanks again!

Thanks Linda,
You guys rock! I am overwhelmed with excitement as I know it is simply stunning. I cannot wait to show off this bad boy. You both are amazing. Thanks again, and please send more cards if you have them. Warm regards, JA

Hi Linda,

Guess what I just got in the mail??? And it is perfection! Love, love, love! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job :)


The paddle arrived before Christmas! It is beautiful! The smallness and light weight make it a perfect size. It fits in my purse! My Husband was surprised! This truly was a wonderful present! Happy New Year to Us! Thank you!


I received the order yesterday and just wanted to say thank you! Both pieces are beautifully crafted and truly works of art! They are exactly what I'd hoped they'd be! Please thank Walt for me as well!

Take care,

Josh M.

Hi Linda,

This is Melissa, Jorge's girlfriend. He is making me write a review on the mahogany smacker that he ordered. He is my disciplinarian and he ordered this paddle for me because I always give him attitude and do not show him the respect he deserves and he really doesn't like it. My Jorge named this paddle "Recreating Respect" to always remind me of its purpose. This is our first real paddle and it hurts soooo much. At first I thought a hand spanking was bad enough, but the mahogany smacker is FAR worse. Because of my bad behavior I am in punishment phase which means I get spanked with the paddle every day until Jorge sees a change in my behavior. Whenever I get spanked with "Recreating Respect" it burns sooo much and makes me scream out. I easily start crying after about 10 strikes. I really wish we had never gotten this thing, but my Jorgey thinks otherwise. He was ever so giddy when we received the package. He just tore that thing apart and was shocked at how magnificent it looked. He was already giving it some practice swings. He just loves how well made it is. What he loves most about it is how portable it is. He could carry that thing around the house and also on trips. So I am always a little tense and I am trying to be on my best behavior now. Thank you so much says Jorge and my Jorgey is forcing me to say thank you too, but I really just dislike the thing. :)


Melissa and Jorge

Dear Linda,

I had to send you a note. I just received that BEAUTIFUL paddle in the mail today. OH MY GOD!!! I so love it. It stings when I do it and I can only imagine what will happen next week when it is in the hand of a pro with me over my brand new spanking bench. OH !! I can’t wait

I hit myself a couple of times and was really surprised. I want some more of those!!!! Hey! If you ever need a quality control person......sign me up!

Thank you for such excellent customer service and extremely quick order delivery.



Hi Linda,

We just got the paddle! Please tell Walt that he does really wonderful work. Love the fresh wood smell. We'll definitely think of you if we need another paddle.


Linda, the paddle came yesterday, and it's perfect! Thanks so much for your help. My wife loves it.

Dear Linda,
Just a vote to say both parts of my order have arrived safe and sound. Walt's work is gorgeous. They have such a human quality and uniqueness. Please thank him for me--the artisanship makes them feel personal, rather than merely purchased. Between that and the prompt, gracious service of shipping and your notifications, I am absolutely pleased and look forward to doing business with you again.


Hi Linda,

Thank you very much, I'm sure I will enjoy it. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.



I'm thrilled to be ordering again. You guys are great. The first paddle I got from you (2008) is one I use in every spanking session I have, and my regular boys groan whenever it comes out. When you announced the bamboo one a short while ago, I knew I was going to have to own it. I recommend you guys whenever I can. Thanks very much!  Randy


Thank you so much! I continue to speak highly of your company. Thanks for giving me another reason. Mike

We received our paddle, and it was quite a big hit! (Heh- bet you hear that all the time!) She absolutely loves the way it looks and says the weight is just perfect. Truly quality stuff! You're magnificent! I'm definitely buying birthday gifts from you fellas again! Will write a full review when we get around to using it. Curse these busy schedules!

Thanks Linda. It's always a pleasure doing business with you! I hope things are going well. Liam

Top quality work. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a premium hand crafted paddle. Wish I would have gotten it laser engraved though. Chad

Hi Linda, , how are you. I am writing you inform you just how much adore my new spanking paddles. Yes, you did in fact send me a Bamboo smacker instead of a Bamboo, never the less, I am keeping this badboy, I love it for it hurts like pure hell (laughing out loud). If you wish to do so, you may refund the difference to my mastercard, or give an in-store credit toward the brute, for I will be purchasing Mr. Brute and Mrs. Bamboo paddle next week. Thank you so much making my paddles for me for I am now the proud owner to real, authentic spanking paddles, and not the fake toys that one might find in stores. Thank you so much, and I cannot wait until i purchase the brute next week


Hi Linda! I received the paddle today. Thanks for the prompt delivery! My first impression of the paddle was that it was somewhat smaller and less substantial than I had imagined it in my head, but conformed 100% to the dimensions on your website. My second impression is that it is beautifully made. The wood, the edges and the finish are impeccable.
Next, I gave it a whack against my hand. Then a whack against my own thigh. And then I thought....this packs a wallop!’s a GO! I work at a bar. And we have gone through three paddles in the past 2 years (All from the same place, here in Chicago. All the same design.) The paddle is used on willing customers for mostly birthdays and sometimes just for the fun of it. I think part of the problem is that we use the paddle mostly over clothing. So, if this one ends up breaking over someone’s ass, the next one may have to be one of 1/2 inch thick ones!! It’s actually kind of fun to have one break over someone’s ass....
Thanks again for your great customer service and I will keep you posted. Stuart

we received our paddle and are very happy with it! please give our thanks to!

Linda, I took the Little Zinger with me to a session on Saturday and it was used very effectively. The Mistress said she liked it but she did not elaborate. I do like it. Then I took it to the club where several ladies like to spank me - I go there virtually every weekend. I had the paddle that I usually take plus the new one. One lady who had never spanked me before tried both but she liked the new one a lot. In fact, she wants me to get her one. I will be placing another order as soon as she confirms that she definitely wants it and I am buying paddles for some of my ladies but I am waiting for them to check out your website to see which one they want.

I am sending a money order and order form out today for $145 to order a bamboo spanking paddle w/holes and a padauk paddle engraved with "HEAT FOR JEFF'S SEAT" This is our 6th and 7th paddle we have gotten and are very pleased. jeff

I just wanted to say this little zinger is a great paddle for otk although I will never be on the receiving end but from a spanker's point of view this will be my paddle of choice for different woods. LOVE IT! Talk to you soon. Sincerely Bruce.

Linda, Luckily, I took your advice, added the Zinger paddle to my wish list and my wife went ahead and bought one for Christmas. So I just thought I'd send you a message after my first time bent over in front of it last night!

I should point out that my wife only has one speed - full force! Her attitude is that if I want to get spanked, then she isn't going to mess around with gentle taps. She puts all her might into every stroke that she delivers :) I always get to choose the implements, and so the only way I can get a warm-up is to start off with shorter, lighter straps before moving on through heavier straps and on to canes. Each of the implements get 18 strokes, except for the canes (which she uses until she runs out of steam!), so I have to choose carefully :)

Anyway, last night I positioned the new paddle between my heaviest strap and 3 canes. I was expecting something like a wooden spoon, and after a heavy strapping I was looking forward to a nice dose of sting. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that I let out a distinct yelp as the first stroke landed and set my ass on fire instantly! As usual, she swung the paddle from right behind her shoulder and brought it crashing down full force. Holy cow, that thing HURTS!

Needless to say, she wasn't very impressed with my yelp and brought down 2 more very quickly before my hands reached back to soothe my burning butt!

Luckily she did give me a few seconds to recover, and just as luckily the next 15 strokes were just as hard as the first. 18 strokes with that wonderful little implement and I was in endorphin heaven. The perfect prelude to a severe caning. I have to admit that I am now sitting here in significant discomfort thanks in no small part to your wonderful paddle.

Hope you don't mind the graphic detail, but I just wanted you to know how effective your paddles are (as if you don't already know!!!)

Thank you so much for your recommendation.

And please let me know what I need to put on my next wish list...

Best regards, Paul

Hi,  Can you recommend the best wood if we're looking for a more thud, less sting? I've heard heavy, dense wood, but not sure where your woods fall...

Also, do you always finish with varnish? or sometimes with oil?


Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for your interest and for getting in touch! The hardest, most dense and therefore the heaviest woods in our inventory are Bubinga, Purpleheart and Mesquite. Made up in the larger styles and thicker, rather than thin, they should give you the thud you’re looking for.

Walt uses no varnish because it yellows over time. He uses non-yellowing lacquer normally, but if you prefer an oil finish, he will do that for you.

Hello Linda,

Picked up the paddles yesterday although they arrived at the PO Monday.

Walt did a real nice job on them. Pictures don't do the quality of workmanship justice. I'll be back for more!



My husband was positively giddy when I gave him the paddle this morning. ... So much so that he's barely given my rear end a moment's rest all day and night!

It's gorgeous to look at, packs a respectable sting even through a sturdy pair of jeans, and is apparently very easy to wield without getting tired. (They got the Black Walnut Smacker!)

Thanks... I think, lol!

Hi Linda

I met with my spanking gal-pal this past Friday Night. We both liked the paddle, well actually, she liked it much more than I...I was on the receiving end!

Thanks again! I'll be shopping soon again!

Dear Linda,

I received my Hickory Hairbrush Paddle several days ago, and it's a beauty. When you see someone seated with one of these in their hand, you know exactly what's about to happen, just like with a hairbrush. I gave it to the lady that I bought it for yesterday, and she immediately decided that there was no time like the present to try it out. Next thing I knew, I was face down and bare bottom up over her lap, and wondering what I was thinking when I ordered it for her. Feels just like a hairbrush, and in the hands of a capable woman, can quickly start the tears flowing.

Thanks again for a great, beautifully-made product, and for the prompt service. I will definitely be back for more in the future.


The bamboo is perfect. I just love the attention Walt does when lacquering them. So smooth and shiny, really brings out the beauty of the wood.

I am happy to announce that she got the paddle on Thursday, and I got it on Friday and again this morning! The paddle worked wonders to say the least, as I am typing to you now--standing up! She loved the paddle so much, she hung it up in our bedroom!



Now as for the Bamboo one.. I always thought the type of wood didn't matter to how well it would smart up the spankee but this one is the best. SO nice looking and SO effective. In just a few swats he was pleading for it to stop. And I wasn't swatting very hard either. Even now, after a night, he's still rubbing his bottom which is great for me cause I am getting so much of my honey-do list done today and all I have to do now is hold up the Bamboo paddle and the work continues. If I had to rate, the "dude" is the second on the painful list to the bamboo paddle. The dude is more specific where it lands and the paddle is the whole butt. I bet the dude in Bamboo would be great.


We just opened the box and she started unwrapping. All of the paddles are beautiful and perfect. And since I was the first to get the whack of the Mr Dude, your warning on your site is absolutely correct. Wow! One whack warm, I am. I ran to write this email before she could swing again. She just loves the purple one. Thanks for getting this all together for us.

I received the package on Tuesday. The quality of the paddles and the value are unmatched. Much better than anything I found in local shops around here. I will be ordering some more in the future.


I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the quick delivery of our order for the Brute and Zinger. As I mentioned, we ordered them so that we had some new implements for a weekend gathering we attended with a number of other couples. The Zinger, in particular, was quite a hit, pun intended! I think a few have been ordered as a result of it being so popular.

Thanks again for the great paddles and the quick service!


PS - You can post this on your review section, if you like.

Dear Ms. Linda,
My wonderful wife has given me the assignment of writing you a letter, thanking you and Walt for the ash smacker you made for us. I'm sitting very tenderly to do as she wishes, having received my truly thorough weekly spanking with it last night.
While my wife uses different implements to punish my misbehaviors, I think it is safe to say the ash smacker has become her "go to" device in the month since we received it. She is able to give me prolonged spankings without her arm or hand becoming tired, so of course I am learning my lessons much more deeply. We both appreciate greatly the difference domestic discipline has made in our life together, and the ash smacker has played an important role in making that happen "for real." Sore and sincere, H


It arrived and is very interesting. Take my advice, stock them!


I received the paddle today & it's beautiful. This is the Holy Grail of paddles & I love it. Thanks for suggesting bloodwood. It's amazing & I like it better than purple heart. It's beautiful. The tapering is flawless & thanks for beveling/countersinking both sides of holes. I only expected one side to be done.


Hi Linda,

Just letting you know that I received the paddles today !!! WOW, what a great work, wood and how perfect they are. Please tell Walt he can be proud of making such great paddles !!!  Tom

Linda - Just to let you know that the paddle arrived today - quicker post than I expected. Looks perfect, feels just right in the hand and the finish is lovely. I've yet to test it properly, but I think it will meet my friend's requirements admirably.

(This one went to the UK and arrived in a week!)



Dear Linda,

I am writing to let you know that until recently I have never been paddled. When He ordered the Hickory Smacker I have to admit I was a bit fearful of the possibilities of extreme pain. I now know the sound is a lot worse than than the actual contact. Being slightly new to spanking toys, I have to tell you I have a new addiction. It's unlike anything I have ever felt before. My P.O.I's (points of impact) are an all-over rather than centralized feeling. The quality of the paddle is impeccable. It's light weight and doesn't take very much effort to get the sting I have been looking for. So far I have not acquired any bruising but I am sure that will change in the near future. I just wanted to write and thank you for creating such an effortless and long-lasting sting. Both He and I are very happy with the results. :)

Thank You,


I received my package today. When I unwrapped it, the paddle was so beautiful it took my breath away. It is the most beautiful implement I've ever seen! Thank you.


Dear Miss Linda and Mr. Walt:

Please allow me this brief opportunity to express my appreciation to the both of you. The Padauk paddle arrived yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful. The orange color was just stunning and wood grain unique-- the thickness I ordered was perfect--my profound thanks to the both of you for the wonderful assistance, masterful craftsmanship and efficiency--I cannot believe how quickly I received it. I was summoned the day after it arrived, and presented it to the Head of Household to replace the one that had broken the previous month. It was put to good use almost immediately, and I can personally attest to you, as so many have, that despite the small size, the Padauk smacker wood is very hard, making it quite effective indeed. It has already inspired me to become even more attentive to my duties, and my Household feels confident that at least now there is one paddle in the house they can be assured will not break.



Our two paddles just arrived and they are stunning! I am also a bit intimidated by both of them, but Karen, I am sure, will want to test them very soon, getting warmed up for our gathering late next week.

Thanks for the quick service.


I received the delivery on Saturday and I must say that it is very nice. The size, heft, material and finish is very well done. I was on the receiving end on Sunday and delighted with the effect. My partner likes the control she had with it. Good Job!!

Dear Linda,

The new bamboo paddle is GREAT. It's quickly becoming a favorite.
And it definitely puts her in her place, and quickly. Thanks for the quick order, and quality craftsmanship.



Thanks for the update and fast service, and putting up with all my questions. I think there is a place on your site for reviews and, if so, I will post one once we return from our 3 day gathering. I bet all the wives will enjoy using these two paddles!


Greetings Linda!

Thank you so much! The first paddle I ordered for Steve is painfully wonderful and quite effective. I tend to be a spoiled brat and Steve rightly puts me in my place. Since he has been so wonderful, I thought he would like a new paddle. I sent him the photo of the new paddle and he is looking forward to its arrival.

Please extend our thanks and appreciation to Walt for his fine craftsmanship! Ruthi


I received the bamboo paddle last Friday, and it is absolutely beautiful! As with my other paddles purchased from you and Walt, the quality is excellent. You have another life-long customer here!


Hi Linda,

I got the paddle. Wow, what can I say? It's beautiful. A small work of art. Thank you both so much. Gonna have to browse your catalogue again, I think I'll be back for more!

Great packaging by the way. I like the way you name the company on the label and the product description! You guys are clearly cool.

All the best,


Subject: How much Cindy and I enjoy your product!

Hi There
It's been a little over a week now since we received your wonderful paddle and I must say that we have put it to good use several times!
Cindy seems to enjoy being a "naughty girl" who knows that her punishment will be 10 swats with the paddle on her bare bottom. It only takes 5 good swats and her little bottom turns cherry red. With the addition of 5 more she is clutching her hot bottom and dancing back and forth on one foot after the other yelling that she'll be a "good girl" from now on! Of course "from now on" only lasts 2 or 3 more days before she's back into position for another 10! Her favorite position is over the arm of our livingroom sofa {where she will be when I come home from work!}, whereas I prefer the classic bent over with panties down and grabbing her ankles for dear life, like the naughty school girl that she is. Either way after 10 swats, the sight and sound of that wonderful paddle coming into contact with her bare bottom sends us into some of the most intense lovemaking of our 12 year marraige! Your paddle was exactly what we needed to rekindle our lovemaking that had become boring and listless. Now we can't wait to get away from our friends and social events so that we can act out our new fantasies!
So Thank You again for your wonderful workmanship and great service, and we'll probably be ordering another paddle for some over-the-knee spanking next!

Hello Linda,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Black Beauty yesterday, so that was quick. Thank you so much for doing the exchange. It not only is a beautiful wooden paddle (I love the black walnut), but it gives a great sting without the bruises, as far as I can tell.

I will definitely stay in touch if I need other paddles. Regards,

Hi Linda. We received our beautifully crafted paddle today. Thank you SO SO much! Tell Walt he did a wonderful job and we will steward it properly. :)

Yes we are VERY blessed to have had our eyes opened to the glorious gospel of Christ! Especially in these dark days we are facing. May God bless you both and may He shelter you in the shadow of His mighty Wings!

Grace and peace,
Paul and Rebecca


Just a follow up. I received my bamboo paddle last week. What a marvelous and beautiful piece of wood. Thanks again for everything!

Marc and Teri


Good afternoon. I am incredibly pleased with my first purchase (an understatement). I just ordered the 16" bamboo paddle. It had such a great review, I had to get one. I am still thinking about what I would like to do with the ruler and will get back with you on that one. Thanks again.


Linda & Walt,

I just received my order-INCREDIBLE WORK!!! :) They are more beautiful "in person" than in the pictures.

I cannot believe the weight of Bubinga wood! (Why oh why did I choose that wood for the sweet spot model)? I already believe that is the one I will actually come to have a true love/hate relationship with, and the one my wife need only mention to have me behaving like the perfect gentleman.

The "smacker"? The most perfectly dimensioned paddle I've ever seen. I haven't even tried them and I am ready to place another order!

The hickory hairbrush: perfect size to keep in purses and glove compartments! Naughty spouses will be safe nowhere!!!

Once again, I haven't even played with them yet and I am so extremely pleased. Please feel free to place my compliments in your customer reviews section.


Marc & Teri

Well, I used it (He ordered a Hickory Smacker) on one of my naughty girls this past week and it was a pretty devastating implement. I really like it Linda. It's perfectly finished and beautiful...and just the right size. Rather than bruising, it leaves the butt with a feeling of having a rug burn, and that feeling lasts for several days (so I'm told). Thanks again. I've got your site bookmarked for any future need that I may have.

I just got the paddles a bit ago in the mail. They're absolutely beautiful!!! I especially like the purple wood paddle, that will be my favorite.

Thank you again,


The paddles arrived today (Wednesday) are are in perfect condition. I believe they will do a pretty good job. I am going to try them out on a friend who likes to be paddled also. I think he will be impressed.

There is one thing I want to compliment you on. You do a very honest business. What you say, you do, and there is no attempt to get more money than due. I have had bad experiences with some e-mail companies who say one thing and do quite another. Like doubling the bill. Charging for extras without being asked for them, etc. It makes me very careful about doing anything over the Internet. Thank you again and if I can recommend your company to others I will be more than glad to do so.


I celebrated the New Year on my knees becoming acquainted with the bamboo paddle that you created for my Master, Jaeson. He has a number of your creations... each one of them with their own personality.... and had introduced me to most of them.... and they have all left their marks on me and created a distinct impression. None of them however have the ability to create the intense lasting pain that the bamboo paddle does. Master has named it, Burn-e, which is very very accurate... over 36 hours have past since I was struck with Burn-e....however the places on my ass cheeks where I was struck are not only bruised and red... they are still noticeably warmer than the surrounding tissue.... I have been struck with many toys in my years as a slave.... the sensation Burn-e creates is like no other... thank you so much for the gift of pain this paddle allows Master to share with me.


Hello Linda,
I received My bamboo paddle today, and wow it is gorgeous. And after testing it on My arm it feels like no other paddle, the sensation just stays with you. I sent a picture to a pain-junkie and she is shuddering in fear just from the appearance. And the finish is the excellence I have come to expect from Walt. It is My hope you will add this to your collection as I know it will become a legend as well. Thank you for making My variation of Walt's design a reality. Please send Me more cards to leave at the club. J

I would never think of going to anyone else for these "unique" needs! Thanks for the superb quality of your products and the personal touch of your customer service. It's both rare and very much appreciated.

Happy Holidays.


Hey Linda,
Guess what fell in my door when I opened it today? (I slept in pretty late).
This paddle is awesome. You made my Christmas & I couldn't be more pleased. I just love the purpleheart wood which by the way, you introduced me to from a previous purchase. I'm also glad that you tapered it & made it a little longer.What a great paddle. Please tell Walt I said thanks, & thank you for all the friendly customer service via email & phone. Thanks for such a great transaction! happy holidays to you both.Wes

Hi Linda,
The order arrived 12/12/08 and we had the opportunity to try out one of the items as a pre Christmas gift this past weekend. Most entertaining. Thanks. More importantly, the quality of the items themselves, is beautiful! Georgeous woods! Thanks again. Regards, Leonard

Hi Linda,

The Brute arrived yesterday and it is a stunning piece of work by Walt! Please thank him for his work. It is indeed a large and thick, scary looking paddle that delivers quite a blow due to its thickness and hard, hickory grain. Wow! I received enough swats with it last night that my bottom was aglow (and is still quite sore when I sit down!). Thanks again, I am sure I will be back for more implements in the future, as I am tickled pink (more like roasted red!) with the Brute! Happy holidays!


I just received my new Padauk Paddle all I can say is "Wow" this is truly a work of Art. The Wood is gorgeous and it's another very nice design...thank you Walt and Linda for this next addition to my collection. John

Hi Linda,
My new paddles arrived yesterday. Oh they are so beautiful. The purple passion is even prettier than in the pictures. I don't think pictures do the paddles justice.

I can't wait to use them on some lucky bottom and have them used on me. Expect another order from me next month! Again, the paddles are lovely and thank Walt for making such wonderful spanking implements.


It got here today....& is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much!

Hi Linda, I went to visit my friend Vincent on Thursday and Friday. He really, really likes Mister Dude. Umm... I'm not sure how much I like Mister Dude anymore though! I have never squirmed that much or made that much noise during a spanking in my life! I have never been told to "hush and be still" before, or had my wrist pinned to my back because I was reaching for my bottom before either! WOW! Mister Dude can certainly light a heck of a fire!

Hi Linda,

The package arrived today (mail takes a while to get way up here). Thanks so much for the prompt service and for such a lovely product. I also wanted to thank you for the very discreet packaging. I'm sure I'll be ordering again in the future!

Hi Linda!

Thanks for all the help! The paddle arrived in the mail Friday morning and it is absolutely fabulous! I have not had a chance to use it, as my princess has been on her best behavior. But I'm sure that will change in the near future.

Linda - we received the Sweet Spot paddle. The paddle is very nicely done and, as I can attest, it burns like crazy! The Sweet Spot has already replaced our Vermont bath brush for serious OTK spankings. Thanks for a great product!


Thank you Linda & Walt,
It seems the cost of everything is going up these days. Thank you for making great quality wood products... they're hard to find these days. My wife loves the Sweet Spot and I can't wait to use the Oak Little Zinger.


Thank YOU for such quality items! The items I bought last year have provided hours of pleasure, yes pain can be pleasure, and I know these items will just enhance that. Take care and I'll look forward to receiving shipment confirmation.



VERY pleased indeed!!! Thanks again for another high quality product!!!! WE will be back in the near future.


M and H

Aloha Ms Wilbourne

I received the Paddle yesterday as the notice was lost ant ways Wow!! tell Walt the wife and I were very impressed and we both think this Paddle is by far the nicest one we have seen and I am hoping our friend does not want to play with her new toy with me cause I am sure it is a Attention Getter, But I know she will be visiting us or I will be seeing her some time and she will want to talk with susi about how John has behaving and well Susi stretchs the truth some time " I am always such a Good Boy!!" that I will be given a test drive any way! Thank you both so much and we maybe ordering one for Susi Not that she needs one "Honest"


I love, love, love my new paddles! When I opened the box and felt how light the black walnut little zinger was, I didn't think it could possibly be as nice as I'd hoped ... but it's better!

I'm trying to decide what to order next, because right now, I want one of everything!


Aloha Linda and Walt
I am sure my friend will be very happy, if she wants to test it out on me I am sure I will not be Very Happy!! Thank you very much and I will continue to let everyone who is looking or needs a high quality "Chopping Board" that yours gets the"Marks"

hi linda,
the paddles arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous,love the colour, oh and the feel. in more ways than one, i have a red rear to prove, hehe,sorry maybe a wee bit more info than you want to hear.


I received my order last Saturday just as you had estimated. Not only are my wife and I very pleased with the quality of your merchandise, but your overall service and professionalism is completely outstanding. Thank you for the extra effort in customer service and quality in your product. We will be certain to return to you with our future needs as well as references for our friends and family. Thank you again and God bless. R and N L

I received the paddles I purchased from you. Outstanding workmanship! Thanks again.

This is a gorgeous paddle. I love it! Thank you so much!


Dear Linda and Walt,
we have now had plenty of time to play with our new toys, and I just wanted to write and tell you how much we love them. Thanks so much for such a well made product.
you're the best,


Just wanted to say THANKS for the beautiful paddle, which has already seen use and has proven mightily effective. You'll be hearing from me again.



Package arrived, thank you......I love the wood grain.....

I'll be ordering another one, and will send dimensions for Walt to make.

Again, thank you.... Another happy client of yours. Stan

Dear Linda,

Just writing to tell you that the package arrived today. It looks great and I'm really happy with it, rest assured I will be recommending your site to others.



My wife and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your craftsmanship. We ordered three paddles from you a couple of weeks ago and they arrived promptly and were exactly as you described. We were so pleased with your work and your website that we just ordered two more. I plan to tell my friends about your product and site.


I received the package right on time. I was impressed with the workmanship and quality of the products. I did have some reservations as to the weight of the products due largley to my recollections of high school and being on the receiving end of a much heavier variety of paddle.

Having now had a chance to use them, I have found that my fears were unfounded. They performed quite well and left some rather nice markings and wonderful shades of red. I must say that myself and my girlfriend are rather pleased with the results and we intend to get much use out of your products.

Thanks so much..

Tony P.


My new paddle arrived today, safe and sound in it's secure packaging.

I am delighted with it, the craftmanship is superb and the colour is, as I thought it would be, absolutely stunning.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Warm regards

Pleased...I don't know that that just pleased would cover it. You were right. The pictures on the site don't really do them justice. It looks great!. I haven't had a chance to try it out since I fell ill this weekend. I just took a couple of test whacks just on myself and I am pretty sure it will be fantastic.

I should be placing another order in the coming week. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Thank you both so much.You all are very nice people. I'd never consider ordering from nowhere else. It's nice to know people like you all. Thank you again

Wow, that little sucker has a sting. (Linda's Note: He got a Black Walnut Hairbrush) Reminds me of getting sent to the principal's office when I was a kid (many years ago), only it's tiny and is now in the wife’s hand. My world is never going to be the same. Dennis

Linda the paddle is beautifully crafted. It's light, full of intimidation and it packs a heck of a wallop.
Walt has done an outstanding job on this one and I do recommend this to anyone who just wants to inject a dose of fear.

Thanks Again,

Thanks again Linda...I recieved it today. Very nice work. Thank Walt for me. Tim

Hi Linda,

It was ordered for a Valentine's gift and thank you!! It is wonderful!!! We are so happy with his gift!! I am happy too, but with a warm backside. :) We loved the paddle and I plan on buying more in the future.
Thank you, Sarah


I received the paddle on Wednesday. He opened it last night on Valentines Day and was pleasantly surprised!!! He said that I am sneaky and that he loves the paddle. And wanted me to tell Walt for him that he does a beautiful job on creating these paddles. And thank you again for the top notch customer service and for the high quality items you sell. Hope your Valentines was as awesome as ours was. Have a great weekend.  Sincerely,  Mr. & Mrs. Michael S.

Tell Walt we really liked his first product so went straight to your site for our next. We'll be back, and back, as we continue to have fun Best, Charles





Hello Linda,

I told you we would be back again. This time around we figured we would upgrade our paddle a bit. Meaning it's got holes!!!! Im sure we will be happy with this paddle made of oak. I remember him saying to me "ok next time it will have holes in it". My husband is going to love it just as much as he loves the Bubinga Smacker we bought from you the first time. Only this time it's a surprise and a Valentines gift for him. I wanted to thank you and Walt for having such awesome paddles for sale. The Bubinga wood is extraordinarily beautiful!!! Cant wait to get this new one in the mail. Happy Valentines Day to the both of you and thanks again...

Hi Linda,
We received our package on Monday. Unfortunately for me, my husband got to use it last night. All I can say is WOW. I will be very slow to talk back to him and be disobedient again! That little mahogany sucker is a stinger!  Gayle :-)

Hey Linda, this is D's husband. I want to thank you soooooo much for being out there. I am not sure how my wife found the web site. But I cannot thank you (or her) enough. Thanks again. And we both look forward to the arrival of the package.

the oak one with the holes in it....last hurt so bad I couldn't make myself get into position so I got in even more trouble...walt is a meanie....i hate his stupid paddles.

Why thank you Linda for that. Everything you do with your customer service reflects that you do consider confidence and discretion and your personal attention.That is why I trust you.Those qualities are very important with delicate, private matters.My compliments to you..And you are most welcome.I'll be getting in touch again soon.I plan to order "the brute."Just can't resist adding it to my collection.In fact, all the info and numbers are the same as my previous orders.You might as well keep me in your files as a frequent flier/regular customer.I would not shop anywhere else.

Well, we got the paddle. It is beautiful! Thank you very much. I think it's my husband's new favorite thing. I got a spanking last night and you are is very stingy! I'll keep you guys in mind if we want others in the future.

Everyone that has seen the hickory paddle thinks it is a work of craftmanship and art. Best wishes for 2008.John

Thanks so much for all the personal touches- I have actually never ordered a spanking related item ever before in my life- I was self conscious, embarrassed I think and nervous about doing it and you dear Linda made it so much easier with your personal touches and your honesty. I thank you and I appreciate it so very much. you made a very new- um, ya know- more comfortable and I appreciate it.

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful gift for my dom...he loved it. Thanks so much! April

Got it on Tuesday and LOVE IT. Thank you and I will spread the word - prompt service and good product. Anita

Linda and Walt,
Thank you for the swift service. They arrived only five days after my order. Beautiful craftsmanship--just what I wanted.

hi Linda! just thought id let you know that the package arrived today.its perfect timing because it is a birthday present for a special someone,and His birthday is tomorrow,the 25th! its absolutely beautiful and i know He will be very pleased.thank you very much,and ill be looking again at the website soon for something for another present.have a great weekend!

Thanks...I really like the quality that Walt provides...the last hickory smacker is a sweet piece of wood...I like hickory..."floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee"....actually it's like sitting my wife on a hornets nest... Mathew

Hi, Linda -

I got it today -- it is much more beautiful than I expected. Thank you! Terra

Thanks! I got it last week. It got used on me yesterday. Don't know what I was thinking ordering it. lol It hurts like crazy. It is perfectly made. Thank you for your kindness and help. I really appreciate it. Melissa

Hi Linda and Walt,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and tell you that those two "mesquite" paddles with holes are the most effective things I've ever felt! Debbie can handle them easily, even with her MS. And me? Well...I DON'T handle them so easily! I seem to have an extremely high threshhold for pain, which has often meant I left Debbie frustrated. She'd have to quit before I felt truly remorseful. But about role reversal! Just after a few swats I'm begging her to stop! And, probably because of past frustrations, she spanks HARDER! She always starts with the smaller one, then when I think she's done I soon find out she just changed over to the bigger one. It's literally changed my life. I now can say that I DON'T have a temper anymore! I've dropped plates of food in my lap, and didn't even get miffed. Just cleaned up the mess, cleaned myself off, and got more food. This, after so many years of anger and rage, and in such a short time with your paddles, too! Debbie is amazed!

To be fair, when things like that happen she tenses up, waiting for the tirade. But she smiles with relief when she sees how good I can be. And that, in no small amount, is due to Debbie's sticking to this disciplinarian role she's taken up. While there may be times I feel a rage coming on, I know what I'll have to face and this big macho jerk calms down fast, and actually acts like a normal person. "Normal." I like the sound of that! All my life (and I'm 56) I couldn't understand how people could have things happen to them and not blow up. "Laurel and Hardy" comes to mind. All those sight gags, little things that we all laughed at, yet if something like that had happened to me I'd have ended up in jail from my violent temper.

Now though, after all these years, I don't have a temper! Oh, a couple of little tantrums...hardly worth mentioning! But I do, bercause that's my promise to Debbie. I tell her everything, and she decides the punishment. A large part of my success is just that: being accountable to someone other than myself. I don't know if you'll understand this, but I've never answered to anybody for anything. And just knowing that I have to answer to Debbie for everything I do, good or bad, makes all the difference. I didn't think it would but it really does! But that doesn't detract from the effectiveness of your paddles. I've been accountable to Debbie for a few years now and, while it made me feel bad to have disappointed her, those paddles make me REALLY SORRY for disappointing her!

But success has a high price. Now I do what I never thought I'd do! I try and think of ways to get out of my spankings! Those paddles of yours are just too effective, even in Debbie's weakened hands. I'd hate to feel then in the hands of someone who is in good health!!! And I'm pretty inventive, too! I have a back problem, so even if it hurts just a little I'm complaining like a building fell on me! And lately I've had a sore throat. So I'm playing that up, too! You see, I earned a spanking a few days ago and I DON'T want to get paddled! I've never felt the need to do that before! I could always take her spankings. Now, though, she really IS in charge!!!

So thanks again, Linda and Walt. I'm FINALLY becoming what I, and Debbie, always wanted me to be: A normal man. It's nice to see what it's like to be normal. I like it a lot. And Debbie does too. So much so that she "reminds" me NOT to go back!


Debbie and Steve

P.S Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you want. Full text or excerpts. Because I don't lie. Even with her MS, she can bring a big guy like me down to a wimpering little kid pleading for mercy in no time!
Just don't tell her I've been exaggerating my health problems...PLEASE?!!!


Steve is also a poet, and he gave me permission to use the following:



Marriage is much more than just a couple
Who join to make a life and family;
It is the very essence of commitment:
I live for her, and she lives just for me.

So when she’s sick I’m there with medication,
And when she’s sad I bring a smile her way.
And when she’s happy I am there to share it.
It’s how we live each moment, day by day.

But sometimes past experiences linger
From childhood days of anger, rage, and hate.
I’d hoped to never share this with my family,
But that was all I’ve known since I was eight.

And so the gentle hand of one so precious
Became the tool to help me see the light.
She meets a need I’ve needed since my childhood,
And holds me to account most every night.

At first the rage within me won those battles,
But now it cowers, that tears at last may flow.
And when she’s done I tell her that I’m sorry,
And then she holds me tight and says, “I know.”

There is a warmth in knowing just how special
A love that’s stronger than my rage can be.
My past is slowly losing all its power
As beauty tames the beast inside of me.

By Steve

November 7, 2007

Hello Linda;
The package arrived Tuesday and I'm very happy with what was ordered and with the service of your company. Thanks. Sandra

Received the padde yesterday - I wasn't expecting so quickly and really appreciate the rapid response. It's beautifully made and and has an excellent feel and balance. Top quality in all respects. Thanks, Gregg

Many thanks for the order - arrived today - very well done Linda!

Excellent quality woods and workmanship again - as expected - we are delighted! - we like admiring the grain and smoothness of Walt's craftsmanship!

Many thanks again, With Kind Regards, Paul & Carole

Walt's craftsmanship is superb. Best regards, Paul

Paddles arrived today - held up in Customs I suspect, but got through without duty or tax - well done!!

The quality of the paddles is absolutely superb - we will be back for others in the remaining woods in the near future - is it possible to have certain models - for example Little Zinger, Mr Dude and Sweet Spot - made in different woods so that we can have a selection of different styles in all the different woods?

Many thanks once again - really impressed with the beautiful woods and workmanship. Fantastic.

Kind regards,


Thank you very much. I have just ordered Mister Dude through the website. Let me just say how thrilled I have been with the sweet spot that we previously ordered and expect to be just as satisfied with Mister Dude. Dana


Just a quick note to let you know that the paddles have arrived, and they are just what I am looking for. Thanks for a great product.


I just received my purple heartwood paddle today! It's GORGEOUS!!! I'll be giving it as a birthday gift in a few days. I'll let you know how he likes it... Thank you so much for working with me on this. It's perfect.
take care,

Dear Linda,
We love the Ash Smaker with holes. Anyone can tell great care went into making it. It's really perfect! Having been on the receiving end the only way I can describe it is it is like sitting on a swarm of ANGRY Hornets!!!

Thank You very much for our great new toy!
Gay and Tommy

great spanking paddle...I had a great time this weekend with it.... Cary

Ouch. You make a nice product. The craftsmanship is beautiful and amazing. Thank you. Nick


Ain't NOBODY touching these!!!!!

Thank you so very much and the cocobolo is stunning.


Just a note to says THANKS!!! The BRUTE is AWESOME!! My "enforcer" is 6'4" and the larger brute looks to scale in comparison to him. And when I get smacked, it's loud and authoritative!! I look forward to making up for my "errors" now. (smile) Thanks again!

Everything you do with your customer service reflects that you do consider confidentiality and discretion and your personal attention.That is why I trust you.Those qualities are very important with delicate, private matters.My compliments to you. I'll be getting in touch again soon.I plan to order "the brute."Just can't resist adding it to my collection.You might as well keep me in your files as a frequent flier/regular customer.I would not shop anywhere else.

...the shock from the sting shook my whole body...


The Bubinga Smacker is a BEAUTIFUL THING indeed!!!!!! We will be back guaranteed….Thank you for having an awesome product available. Have a great weekend.


We got our paddles in the mail today ! Thanks, the quality is great ! We can't wait to use them. We'll be return customers.

Thanks, Robert and Cindy


Thanks for your cooperation and understanding in our quest to get the perfect paddle for us.

You all are very informative and your knowledge of paddles helped us to decide exactly what we wanted.

We'll be return customers as my wife liked some of the other paddles you offered, and you all were very helpful.

As business owners, you all definitely put the customer firsrt as evidenced by your communication with us.

Thanks again,

Robert and Cindy

Dear Linda, I again want to thank you for your wonderful help and cooperation. My Margaret and I are truly htrilled with the smacker we bought. It truly is a great asset to our relationship. We are a very real and dedicated couple who do believe in Domestic Discipline. My Margaret is a wonderful woman who believes in spanking discipline. She is very firm and she is expert in spanking and correction. She is an OTK type of woman. I am regularly spanked and disciplined. We have US weekends where I am at her service and command. I am also kept in line thanks to that work of art smacker which is backed up by a big hair brush. We are so very much in love and my mother Constanza is Margarets biggest supporter. My mother is and has always been very big in Female Domestic Discipline of the male. I am livijg and LOVING proof that it indeed works. Again thank you for your wonderful products. Please feel free to use this testimonial in your ads. God bless you and your company. Margaret and William R

Just wanted to tell you I got it today, and it's beautiful! Thanks:):) Missy

Hi Linda,
I picked up my package today. It appears that there we two lawsuits against the post office, one from a lady that tripped over her package left on her porch and another from a man that had his package stolen.
As a result the post office is being extra careful and may not be leaving packages for awhile. Anyway it was well worth the wait, you gave made me another gorgeous paddle! Please tell Walt he is truly a gifted craftsman and I appreciate him sharing his gift. Thank you for the cards, I am looking forward to showing off Walt’s work, and proudly handing them out afterwards.

Best to you both,


Linda... I received the paddle today. It is a beautiful piece of work. This was a present to my wife for my birthday. She loves it and wasted no time in putting it to use. Needless to say, I am not sitting too comfortably right now. Again, many thanks to you and Walt for such a beautiful piece of work (I think). G

Hi Linda,
We received your paddle and we tried him yesterday evening right out! He is cruel but delicious ! I was not able to sit this day by my painful dark blue buttocks. By the way : there were no customs charges. with regards, Arnold

I purchased a hickory smacker recently. It met all my expectations. I am ready to purchase another paddle.

Hi Linda,

The oak paddle arrived today and it looks great; it's exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for your excellent service and communication.

Katherine S.

Hi Linda,

The paddles arrived and I must say that they are stunning. The outcome exceeded all possible expectations.

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to both you and Walt, for such a beautiful, marvelous addition to my home! It did arrive Friday and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I had no idea it would be so beautiful OR so hard! I did slap it against myself a few times just to test it out and it definitely imparts a tremendous sting with very little effort. I can't wait to try it out on Miss N!

A couple of folks have inquired where I found the paddle, so I gave them y'all's website. I told them I HIGHLY recommended you, not only for the quality of the craftsmanship, but for your kind and helpful approach to your business. Hopefully more new business will come your way!

Hi Walt,

I sent this to another disciplinarian. She said she's always looking for new products. Your workmanship is well worth the price. But I did just want you to know I do pass your site on to others. I took her name off because I don't know if she'll order through her real name or professional name.



Here's the address for the Ash Ruler, and other paddles (including the Black Walnut Zinger!):

His name is Walt, and he guarantees his work for life.He's a good guy. Mention my name. I don't know if it will matter, but at least he'll know people do like his work. I'm going to order another one from him, more suitable for OTK, when I get a bit ahead. Steve

The paddle came today. It's great. Thank you so much. Michael

Thank you for the quick delivery.....Paddle is great! Thanks and I will be ordering more.... Ron

Hey Linda,

I just wanted to thank you for your very courteous service. The paddle arrived on Monday, as you had
correctly estimated. My girlfriend and I have already employed it and it was quite effective. And very
nicely made. Walt did an outstanding job. I will definitely add you to my favorites. Thanks so much
again for your wonderful service!  Most Sincerely,  Frank

Hi Linda,

I have to report that my friend has told me to pass on that she thoroughly enjoyed using the Cocobolo sweet spot.  She regarded the wood as outstanding in grain, weight and colour.  I agree with her opinion regarding the colour and grain but the weight !!!!!!!!.  Walt was not kidding as to the heavy grain and stinging weight! This wood makes other woods almost redundant regarding paddling....It has a wicked sting, and leaves marks like no other.!!.......and I should know!  Very best regards, John

Hi Linda,
He was so stunned when I gave him his paddle. "My God, that's a beautiful piece of wood!" He says. The look on his face was priceless. Thanks for making it a wonderful Christmas!


Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my order today and am very happy with it. Thanks. I know I will order from you again as well as tell others how happy I was with my order and how I was treated. Thanks, Jeffrey

Dear Wilbourne Group,

I would like to personally thank you for rushing an order for my friend. I got to see and feel the two paddles last night; they were absolutely gorgeous paddles, and the workmanship was better than any other paddle that I have seen. They were also able to deliver the punishment that I truly deserved. Your paddles are extremely beautiful and effective; also, your customer service has been amazing.

Thanks again,

Got the order just fine. She was satisfied and I have to admit the two paddles made quite the impression.


I received the item today. Just beautiful. Exactly what is needed. Please thank Walt for his excellent craftsmanship. Thanks for your helpful correspondence.


Hi Linda,
Just wanted to let you know that my paddle came in today. A day earlier than expected. The craftsmanship is wonderful! Can't wait for the opportunity to have it put to good use!


I just wish the world was made up of more like you (and me?) 
Quality product, quality service, openmindedness, and, on my part an appreciation of your quality product, quality service, openmindedness.

As far as 'enjoying my new toys', appreciating wood, construction, and finish seems to fly out the window when I'm at the receiving end.

I shall make a point of promoting your product—only because I am impressed. As arrogant as this sounds, I'm not often impressed.  Thanks,  Michael

Hi Linda,

I received the paddles today—very nice—thanks to you and Walt. And thanks for a very pleasant, helpful, efficient transaction.


Thank you for the wonderful communication :-)

Hi Linda, i am sorry that it has taken me so long to confirm delivery of the beautiful paddles. They are so pretty i want to display them not be spanked by them. However as i had to be reminded to write and thank you, I have been promised a "nice " intro to them on my next meeting with George. I don't suppose Walt has ever made display cases has he???

Many thanks again, i have been showing all my friends to try and get you some more orders. All the girls are very reluctant, lol, I wonder why????

katie xxx

Hi, Linda,

I told you that I did not get to see the two paddles that you sent to another person on my behalf, until yesterday. They were FANTASTIC. Both were professionally made, the Brute was actually thinnner and lighter than expected, and the custom one improved upon the already great custom one you had made earlier. They arrived in time and were put to good use.


I received my order today. I am VERY impressed with the quality of both the paddles that I purchased. They are both finely crafted, and look gorgeous. I hope they work as well as they look :-)

Thanks for prompt processing of my order. I'm sure I will do further business with you down the road.

Regards: B

Hi, Linda,

The paddle I ordered from you arrived just 5 min ago, plainly and anonomously packaged, and within the box, securely wrapped and taped so as not to slide around or get scraped. When I unwrapped it, I found a work of art of extraordinary craftsmanship - wonderful. When I tried it, I felt a sting of excruciating perfection - Thank You!

Again, thank you for a most satisfying end-to-end business interaction.



I just arrived back from a business trip today and saw the paddle you created.. It's great!! Thanks for a great product.. Bill

It arrived today. We were delightfully surprised with the beautiful fish paddle that Walt created. The grain is superb. The edges as smooth as can be. It is very much what we envisioned and will make a wonderful prized addition to our collection. Thank you again for your wonderful products, creativity and customer service. All you have done is greatly appreciated. We will be referring others, we are sure. You will be hearing from us again soon, we can't resist those paddles and Walt does a fantastic job. It has been fun working with you both on this. Thank you again. Roy and Terri

Dear Linda and Walt,

Thank you so much for the fantastic customer service experience and the great product! My girlfriend and I received the paddle last night, but didn't get a chance to use it until this morning. We were so excited that we played before work! It's an excellent implement, covers a lot of surface area, has a good sting and a firm impact, though I think we may have different definitions as to what is heavy '-) It swings nicely and I think will provide us with long years of service.  Thanks!  F.

Hi Linda!

Just to let you know that my order arrived yesterday.  I opened it and inspected it. It is in perfect condition! It is beautiful.

Now I need to contain my excitement and hide this lovely paddle until mid August. It is a gift for my husband who is my Master for our 5th wedding anniversary. 5th anniversary traditional gift is wood and your items made the perfect choice.

Thank you for outstanding product, service and being available online!

Have a great week!  K

Thank you very much...thanks for such great service. Wish everyone was like you. Maurice

Walt and Linda,

I got them on Monday. Oh my goodness!! You do fabulous work. These are my first 'real' paddles. S says they feel wonderful in his hand. They feel fantastic to me!! You have a customer T.

This is actually my first purchase on this subject matter. I looked throughout the web and your website seems to be the most well run and best organized. Also, you and Walt come across as very nice people.


K received the paddle on Friday. Thank you so much, we both love it!!! I look forward to ordering another one from you in the future. Thank you,  T and K

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Hickory Little Zinger paddle. It was done beautifully and is of the best quailty.

Thank you again for the wonderful hickory paddle. I know where to go for good quality and great service.

Thanks again, T

Hi Linda, 
The package arrived yesterday. Very nice! I'm very pleased and glad I found your site. Thanks for a fast and easy transaction. F   ps. I'm sure I'll be back for more..... ôô

Got your paddle in the mail Thursday. What they say about you all is right. You make very high quality stuff! This is a great paddle. Used it last night on a girl on her jeans. After 10 good swats, we checked and the pattern was amazing! She has great marks and it was easy to use. I am hooked on you guys! Gonna get something next month, not sure what yet.  Keep up the good work!  D

Thank you for the paddle--it is just wonderful. The quality is great and the shipping was fast! think I may be doing some more business with you. Thanks again, M


We got the paddle today and it is gorgeous. Thank you very much.  W

Thank you Walt & Linda. The paddle arrived today. It is beautiful and, I am sure, will be very effective! ;)




Have received, inspected, and tested all three ash paddles that you sent me. Wonderful! These are the best paddles that I have had. Obviously, they are built to be used. The results are real and instant. I was especially impressed with the results that you can get with the ash ruler.

Thanks for the great products. I look forward to shopping for a few more soon.


Wow! I got the paddle on Tuesday (Valentine's Day, what a coincidence!). We just tried it out this morning, and it is fantastic. Very heavy; he barely has to swing it for me to feel it. It has a lot of thud, which I love. Great job! Thanks so much.


Hi Linda,

I received my paddle today. It's beautiful and I'm sure my friend will be thrilled to receive it even though I'll really be the one "receiving". Do you have a mailing/email list for special sales or promos? I'd like to be included if you do.

Thanks, K

I just wanted to write you to let you know how pleased i am with your customer service. I was shocked when i got a new paddle on Monday. Thank you very much. I now know where to go for all my wood paddles.

Thanks again

P.S The wife says "sniff sniff thanks a lot"


Nina and I had great fun testing our new paddles.

Nina, who as you can imagine is something of a connoisseur when it comes to implements of correction, thought the paddles were both beautiful and extremely effective. She was particularly keen on the Little Zinger. Both delivered the right amount of sting versus thud. They also sit very nicely in one's hand.

Top marks (maybe that should be bottom marks) all round. I will certainly be placing further orders. I think I fancy a sweet spot next.

Thanks again for sending me such useful and enjoyable merchandise.

All the best


I got my package today. The quality is great.



Dear Linda,
Thank you so very much. I recieved the paddles and they are beautifully crafted and designed. I could not be happier with them .Thanks again T J Trouble .

It arrived today; it's wonderful. Thanks.

WOW!!!! That was fast. Thank you so much for such fast service. I received the Hickory Sweet Spot today. Have a great holiday.
Thank you again,

Hi Linda,

The paddles made it here safe & sound today. I must say I am most impressed!! I can tell Walt put some serious work into these..Very Very Nice!! I like the thick coats of lacquer that Walt used on the blades. The dimensions are perfect as well..I couldn't have asked for anything better. Happy Holidays! John

Thank you so much for your help last week. My Mistress LOVES them! In fact, she loved them so much that she instructed/asked me to order her a couple with holes which I have already done this morning. I will get to see them for the first time later this week..........I have to admit I am a little nervous about that!!!!

I hope you had a happy thanksgiving, and I look forward to seeing these new paddles for the first time. Clint

Hi Linda and Walt. The package arrived yesterday. Everything is fine and works well (And how!) This is some of the nicest woodworking I've seen - you should sell these as wood sculptures, I think.
Thanks again!
J. C.


Excellent work!

It is a wonderful piece!

Thank you very much!


Hi linda

Thanks for the speedy shipment, I realy love the sweetspot or should you call it the hotspot!!!!!! I just could not imagine that little paddle could sting so ouching great,burning shock, yes like all of your paddles, I cant wait to be spanked by them again & again. My wife likes the light weight of the sweetspot, she can swing it all night without getting tired, &that is perfect for me seeing how I love getting spanked. thanks again.

Hi Walt and Linda,

I received my paddle on Monday, it really is great craftmanship.

We were able to use it last night (Tuesday) and it really does do a great job. I have never tried one on my wife and was very impressed. I think we may be ordering some more soon.

Thank you,

That Little Zinger is the best all purpose spanking tool I’ve seen. It doesn’t make much noise but
packs quite a zinger of a spank. It got Jack's attention in a hurry. I love it and thank you. We’re looking at the other one you suggested and maybe he will get it for Christmas. Jane in Hawaii

Thanks... For making the best, most beautiful spanking paddles on earth. I recently bought your black walnut little zinger, I't's everything you said it was & more! it's so beautiful and effective. i'm now ordering your Hickory paddle. Iknow I will love it, not sure i can say the same about my lady friend?  Warm Regards, Michigan

Walt and Linda,
I have received the two items I ordered and am very pleased with their beauty and quality. After they have been 'played' with I may not be as thrilled! ;-) Thanks again, Have a good weekend. Carla Lee

I opened the package with my paddles today and they are beautiful!!!! Thank you so much.

I received my paddle today, and it could not be more perfect! It's gorgeous, and I'm so very pleased with it! I'm so glad I found your website. I'll be sure to recommend you to others in search of paddles.
Thanks!  Gale

Hello again. I hate to keep bugging you, but I just wanted to tell you that I have now had the pleasure of experiencing your paddle, and it's marvelous (marvelous, vicious. . .whatever)!  Thank you Linda :-)

What a special surprise Stacy is going to receive on Friday. She will be SO delighted! I'm already thinking about the exact "part" of her dreamy backside that the little zinger will polish, and trying to imagine exactly in what order to bring out her new surprise

Thank you for your excellent customer service by responding so quickly to my email. I have my eye on the full size "Black Beauty" and also the hardwood hairbrush paddle (that will be a birthday gift for Stacy in April!!). Anyway, cheers and again thanks.Spanks!

Walt,  We are new at this, but thought I'd tell you that I was leery of trying the hickory, it seemed so BIG! but I did, just lightly, and it drove my wife WILD!. She begged for mercy, so I stopped. Then she begged for MORE!

Wow! And brother but was she veryvery NICE to me in showing her appreciation!  Thanks again. Ray

Walt,  The package arrived Saturday morning as promised, and the Black Beauty lives up to its name. Nice work!

The package arrived today! Once again, I appreciate your fine craftsmanship. This is a beautiful piece of wood work. The wood you selected is indeed a fine piece of hickory. I like the feel of the 23" model and it is just what I wanted. It's like Christmas again!

I'll keep an eye on your website. Of all of the paddle Internet sites I have viewed you have the highest quality products.

I received my order on Saturday. I appreciate the super fast service. Your products are very well made! Great craftmanship.

Fantastic paddle - just right! I will be buying others from you down the road.  Thanks!  John


I received the package yesterday morning,...they're beautiful! --My husband & I are very happy with them,...thank you soooooo much.

Hi Linda ... How are you? The paddles arrived here this morning. they are exquisite, absolutely beautiful, especially to the touch and the eye. I love-em. But above all I admire the speed and efficiency you people have in getting them to me, its very much appreciated.

I will be buying more paddles from you soon. I have been into paddling for a long time and I am redoing my collection of them. You can be rest assured that any and all of my paddles that I want to replace will be bought from you.  Have a great day and thanks again for the admirable service.   Sincerely, Frank

Great product at a great price with great service - hard to find these days. THANK YOU!!  John K.

Thanks, Linda,

Tell Walt I really like his work. It's really quality stuff. By the way, the address was just fine last time. The mail carrier made a mistake and didn't put a sticker on our mailbox.  Patrick

Dear Walt and Linda

First let me say how much I appreciate your prompt delivery.  They arrived on Monday, 3-28-05.

The paddles are exactly as described on your web site. They certainly deliver and I love them!

Hi Walt,
The merchandise arrived this afternoon, and totally lives up to expectations. It is such excellent quality that I had to try them out on myself a little, and I'm not even a receiver! Anyway, thanks for making such great products available, and I'll certainly keep you in mind for future acquisitions. Sincerely,  G.  Hayward, CA

If you have questions, feel free to email Linda and she'll get back to you. She does all the correspondence and I make the paddles.  Unfortunately, because of the spammers, we have had to do a little workaround to give you my email address.  When you click on the email link below, it will take you to a new message in your default mail program.  When that happens, just change the .wrong to .com and the message will go and the spammers won't pick up my correct email address with their web crawlers.

Linda@TheWilbourneGroup.wrong  Change wrong to com