Spanking Paddles Handmade of Domestic and Exotic Woods...

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Packing and Shipping Info

Shipping is always FREE! We ship by US Mail exclusively which takes only three to five days to arrive anywhere in the US.  Unless I tell you otherwise, I'll ship your spanking paddle to you within one to three days after I receive your payment.

We try very hard to keep everything in stock, but occasionally we won't have what you ordered ready to go right away.  When that happens, I'll let you know exactly when you should have it.

When I order something, I like it when I don't have to wait a long time to get it, so I figure you will too. Shipping of spanking paddles to Western Europe, Canada and Australia is available as well at extremely reasonable rates--see details in the shopping cart!

All paddles are packed in such a manner that no one would ever be able to tell what was inside before the package is opened.  There are no giveaway markings on the outside of the package.

Any time your have questions about anything,please be sure to email me!